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Hardware Review: 4th Gen. Mo-Co-So case.

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  • Hardware Review: 4th Gen. Mo-Co-So case.

    I was given the opportunity to test out one of the 4th Generation cases from Mo-Co-So. Since I was using one of the earlier generations, which I believe is the 2nd, this is also a bit of a comparison to better show what makes this the 4th Gen.

    First off, the size seems pretty much identical. They're both made of aluminum, so they're fairly light. But the case does feel durable. Chris even had a video on the Mo-co-so store of it being run over by a car and it seemed to hold up well.

    Anyway, I've got plenty of pictures to show you what I like about the case. Here's a side by side of the back of the two, the topic of this thread being on the right.

    Some obvious differences are the RCA jacks, the LEDs, the small red button and the PCI card slot! That's one of the biggest differences. Finally a case that will easily allow the addition of a PCI card. Should come in handy to all the audiophiles on here who want their 5channel sound cards.

    You may notice that the hole for the I/O plate sits lower than the previous one. This is because the new generation doesn't have the same mobo plate. Instead the standoffs are on the bottom of the case. It still slides in and out like the old plate.

    The USB ports have been moved to the front, and a second header was added. If you go back to the first picture you may notice where I cut the case so I could get to the USB pins inside. With this case, you can use 4 internal USB ports. With the popular D945GCLF2, you would have 8 usb ports at your service. Great for any CarPC.

    Here are the mobo plates. Pretty much identical. Like I said earlier though, one is a tray (left) while the other is the bottom of the case (right).

    A close up of the backplates to the case shows another upgrade. Many people complained the molex connector on the back would be pushed into the case when you tried to plug it in. Chris fixed this by making the hole slightly smaller. That plug isn't going anywhere now.

    Here's a nice little feature. It looks like the case was made to easily avoid ground loops by providing a ground to the RCA's. Of course, I could be wrong. I don't plan on using these.

    Here's what I did with the ring terminal since I don't use the RCAs. This was just to prevent shorts caused by the loose ring possibly hitting the wrong thing.

    Since the USB headers are attached to the front of the case, it makes assembly have a slightly difficult step. Without noticing, I first tried to slide the tray in as usual, but the end of the cable was down in the case. What you have to do is hold them out near the top while sliding in the tray. This could make it difficult to hook them up if you have a PCI card. Of course, this could be dependent on your mobo.

    The case comes with a flexible PCI riser, so the PCI card would be parallel to the top of the case. You just might have to be careful when sliding it all together.

    A thought on the button in the back. I hooked mine up to my M2, which is parrelell to where the M2 hooks up to the mobo. This means hitting the button is the same as the M2 loosing the IGN signal. My mobo, the Intel D945GCLF, has pin output for a reset button. I wonder which would be a better place to hook it up.

    Now for the things I might have changed.

    To start, the LEDs. I mean, how many of us have out PCs in sight. I guess the do work well for bench testing. But once the computer is hidden, they're almost useless. One idea is that maybe it could be an option to have something like a phone jack in their place. And the case would come with the LEDs attached to a female phone jack as well. This way, the customer could buy the proper length of phone cable for their installation, and mount the LEDs somewhere where they'll be seen. Like, as part of their screen mold. Either way, it does help with diagnostics.

    I have to say, I wasn't sure how to hook up the RCAs. I also didn't look into it too much since my HU has a 3.5mm input, so I have no need for them.

    Also, the PCI slot. It's nice to have, for those that will make use of it. But for me, it just leaves a hole. It would be nice to include an I/O plate for it.

    And last, some of the screw holes didn't line up perfectly. I'm sure this is because this design is in it's early stages. I don't even think it's been released yet.

    In the end, this is quite a case. If you ask me, I would recommend it. It's compact, which fits well in a car. Unlike it's nearest competitor, VOOMPC, it offers a small selection in PSU manufactures. It does fit some OPUS models. The power button is nice for bench testing, I don't have to short the mobo pins with my knife anymore. And now you can fit a PCI card right inside. From other reviews, the VOOMPC can barely fit the basic stuff. Going from one generation to another shows that Mo-co-so does take customer input seriously. This case has everything people want in one. If anyone else has one, feel free to add something I may have overlooked.
    03 Accord Sedan CarPC

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    nice case.
    How's the cooling on it? I see that it still has the same fan from the previous one. I had to add extra fans on the front side for added cooling.
    here's a pic of mine.

    For my application I dont like that the LEDs are on the other side.
    Good fix on that harness connector too, that was a PITA to put on when the pins sometimes dont line up correctly.
    Is the 6-wire harness long enough to reach the other side diagonally without adding extension? Mine has zero slack on it at all since it goes diagonally across to the M2.

    From what they had told me, the screw holes should line up since it is stamped. The case is probably bent. What i did was screw in the top first loosely, then use one hand to bend out one of the bottom to line up the holes, then do the other. Then tighten all the screws.


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      I can't say I've had a problem with cooling at all. The computer runs well, so I haven't been to concerned. I blocked off the vent that's nearest the PC so the heat doesn't blow on the case. As far as the wire harness reaching, my M2 is mounted so that the wires pretty much go straight from the connector on the back of the case to the M2, so I do have a little slack. I did the same thing with the screws. It does work out, just a little tricky at first.

      And what I said about the PCI slot is irrelevant. It turns out Mo-co-so is going to keep making the earlier generation. So if you don't use a PCI card, like me, you wouldn't order this model and have a hole in the back, like me.
      03 Accord Sedan CarPC


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        Are the 2 standoffs for the PSU further back? Seems to look like it from the pics.

        I couldn't fit it on mine with the spade connectors on the fan side. It would block the power connector on the mobo.

        I've no problem so far though, I run through bumps like crazy and no freezing issues.


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          The standoffs for the PSU are actually in the same spot. The reason it may look like they're further back is because in my original case, there is a total of 4 standoffs that could be used for a PSU. My guess is this would help it fit an Opus better, since the Mx models pretty much have the same footprint. There is a spot for two additional standoffs in the new case, I just don't use them.
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            does this case fit the m4-atx?


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              I can't say whether or not an M4 would fit. And Mini-box doesn't seem to include the dimensions in their specs. It looks like you could use four screws to hold it down, but this may be a problem since in this case the PSU sits over the HDD.
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                look at this here how he fit his M4 in the mocoso case.


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                  I have a Zotac 9300 ITX mobo. Will following fit into this case?
                  1. Asus DX sound card PCIx (75mm x 165mm x 15mm approx)
                  2. Opus 360 power supply (186mm x 96mm x 18mm)


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                    No holes on mount plate

                    I just recieved my 4th gen mocoso case and upon inspection found that there are no holes pre-drilled in the mounting plate. Is this normal? This is my first mini-itx build, I've been building atx machines for years.

                    Rob W.


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                      Heard back from the guy at Mo-Co-So. Turns out they forgot to package the mounting plate when they shipped my case. No need to drill holes i the bottom of the case! Whew. lol

                      Rob W.


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                        Originally posted by brockoli View Post
                        Heard back from the guy at Mo-Co-So. Turns out they forgot to package the mounting plate when they shipped my case. No need to drill holes i the bottom of the case! Whew. lol

                        Rob W.
                        Do you have the 4th gen case with the PCI slot? If so, the bottom plate is the mounting plate.
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                          No, it's just the regular one.

                          Rob W.


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                            I just built a system for somebody using this case. I love it. I'm getting one for me now which will replace my much heavier voom2.
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                              i notice on the case that there 's another place where you can put a fan...but there is no fan...???

                              what can we put there?

                              nice sbuild for your custom fan :P
                              Carputer to sell :