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Rev App for iPhone. Wireless OBD 2 app

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  • Rev App for iPhone. Wireless OBD 2 app


    - The app has a very clean, dark easy to use interface.
    - After you connect once, it's pretty much automatic from there-on-out.
    - There is little to 0 delay via the Ad-Hoc network, making the data realtime.
    - You can read your engine codes. And reset them
    - The community is growing every day so updates and new features will be coming all the time.

    - I had to turn airplane mode on so the Ad Hoc network would connect.
    - The hardware always pulls power from the OBD II port so you cannot always leave it plugged in
    - The OBD II connector was angled to the right so the cable stuck out at my feet, in other cars it didn't even fit
    - Price tag may be a little much for some people. ($140 - $250 for hardware alone)

    Overall for any car enthusiast with an iPhone this is a really cool and useful app. You don't know how much fun it is to read your G-Force going around a turn till you try it yourself. Knowing your MPG on the spot helps keep yourself on track and can really alter the way you drive and push your engine for the better.

    You can find Rev app at the app store: Rev on the App Store

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    Thanks for the review!

    DevToaster here.

    We thought we'd address and correct some points raised in the review:

    I had to turn airplane mode on so the Ad Hoc network would connect.
    -- The iPhone's network configuration can get confused in some circumstances. Typically blanking out the router address allows for concurrent connection over both ad hoc wireless and 3G/EDGE network interfaces.

    For more information, visit the Rev product page, watch some Rev Videos, and check out our Rev blog posts.




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      A new version should be coming out soon correct? 1.6 I believe?


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        You got it! Rev 1.6 is currently pending review in the App Store. The 1.6 update improves compatibility with CAN-29 protocols, has improved behavior when switching vehicles and has better handling of network state changes.

        We also have a big update in the works with lots of new features—many of them driven directly from user feedback.


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          Superb, can't wait to see whats coming!


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            I like the app, pretty cool UI. There are some things that I would like to see with this: As was pointed out in the video, digital readout is a must for all numbers. I currently have a scanguageII in my vehicle and it allows me to see 4 meters at once. I would like to be able to see at least that many meters with your app, maybe 6 or 8f. Also, ScanguageII tracks other things too like cost per mile, fuel usage and tracking, mpgs, trip logs etc. Would there be a way to implement this into your app and then have a log section where the data could be stored for a vehicle log, and be able to add notes to the log? That would be a program I'd pay hundreds for.


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              I tell you what that would be amazing. If I could enter in the current price of gas, It could tell me live how much Im spending. You could almost make a trip calculator like the ones you do in intro to comp sci. You enter in the price of gas, the mileage and then based of average MPG for your vehicle (data that rev would store) it can alert you that you can't afford the road trip!


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                scanguageII does this. it'll calculate how much money it has costed you for the current trip and day based on how much gas is in the tank and how much the gas costed you each time you fueled and your mpgs for your trip. $150 for the scanguage and you don't have to mess with the wireless stuff you would with the rev app. I'm not trying to sell them or anything, i'm just completely and overly satisfied with my scanguage and i think every driver should have one. if the rev app could be better than this, i would gladly give up the scanguage for it, but as it is right now, the rev app is nowhere near the scanguage. does the rev app have problems with dealing with hybrid cars that drive with engine off?


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                  I'll have to agree with hyperclimber, seems like the scangauge II is a better deal especially if you plan on leaving it installed in your car and at $150 I can't imagine spending that kind of money and not leaving it in my car permanently.

                  I've been researching a cheap permanent solution that will monitor MPG and do some basic code scanning and resetting. The two options come down to either the PLX Kiwi MPG trip calculator and OBD II scanner for $90

                  or DIY route with a bluetooth OBD-II scanner for ~$30 off ebay and Palm PDA with bluetooth for roughly ~$50 ebay.

                  Kiwi is definitely the easier option but the Palm PDA would give me a nice large color screen with graphing capabilities.


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                    Thanks for bringing up seemingly dead posts... jk I don't know how the rev app is doing, haven't had interest since i'm still in love with my scanguageII, which, btw, does everything than the rev app does, but probably better because it's plugged straight into the ODBII port of your car so you don't have to mess with all that wireless crap that (used to, maybe still does) stay on all the time draining your battery while your car is off! Not only that... If you are serious about data logging, mpgs, and instant driving feedback, you will want something permanent that you can get used to driving with, not just something that looks cool. When I drive, I stare at the SGII, I hardly ever look down at anything else. The biggest downfall of the rev app is that it's on your phone... the iphone runs one app at a time... if you are using your iphone for gps... no rev app... got a call? no rev app... watching a movie... no rev app... searching for music... no rev app. It's similar in nature to having your car tell you only one thing at a time. You can see how much gas you have, but not how fast you are going. It just doesn't make practical sense. If you are serious about wanting guages in your car, you will probably invest in the SGII or something similar because it provides meaningful (and neccessary!) information consistantly, not simply a show off see what your iphone can do.