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Xenarc 805 TSV Review

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  • Xenarc 805 TSV Review

    As some of you have noticed, I'm the chosen to review this brand new monitor.
    Over the next couple of weeks I'll be filling this with much more information, so please request what you'd like to know.

    My to-do list is:
    - ALL DONE!
    - Anything else, please PM me!


    First look:
    - Very complete set of accessories included
    - Nice and presentable packaging
    - Good quality material and build

    - Little/No grainy touchscreen when look close, compared to older screen
    - Almost exact par with my samsung LCD SyncMaster 2253W in term of brightness, clarity
    - Exactly the same picture quality and brightness as my xenarc 701TSV
    - Very quick processors (fast source switch, auto switch, and menu adjustment)
    - Good viewing angle
    - 5 Wire resistive touchscreen is very accurate, and most likely more durable
    - LED backlit release little heat

    Features Worth Mentioning:
    - Presets Dimmer levels.
    - Extended Operating Temperature! 14F ~ 158F
    - Wide Input voltage, DC 9V ~ 30V, 1A
    - 5 Wire Touchscreen

    Sunlight Readability:
    - Fairly nice, but no where close to transflective.
    - Highest brightness level is readable at most light conditions.

    Possible Improvements:
    - Automatic dimmer instead of preset levels
    - Even faster auto switch
    - Choice of frameless, and extended cables because most of us will probably take it out and fabricate something for it anyway.
    - As per usual brighter/cheaper/better anti-glare (I might be asking too much here)

    - See Post #4.

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    First Look

    The box gives you a very good impression and the good feeling of buying a nice product, similar feeling to opening my macbook's box.
    Inside the box packs everything you'll ever need for a carputer monitor. The manual/driver CD, stand, stylus pen, av cables, power cables, ...etc.
    The connectors have nice and thick wires, very good quality connectors that clicks and hold as they should.
    They finally made a really nice retractable metal stylus, which looks nice and is very precise when calibrating the unit.
    Finally the screen itself is flat black in color, made from very good plastic, that does not feel flimsy by any standard.
    Buttons sits in place, and has good tactile feedback when pressed.


    Very nice looking box, doesn't look the cheap stuff you get from other cheap LCD.

    Features and Specs

    The entire content of box: CD/Manual, stand, cable, screws for stand, DC brick, retractable stylus pen, remote, cigarette plug, and LCD.

    The remote

    Cigarette Plug




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      Close Look at the Screen

      Cable Connector

      The back

      The Front

      Side 1

      Side 2



      With Stand


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        Compared With Samsung 22" LCD, Xenarc 701TSV, and Lilliput 619

        Well here comes the fun part where we fire up the screen. I must warn you guys, I do not have the latest digital camera or the best quality either, so please bare with me.

        Let's have a look at the menu and the preset dimmer feature:
        As you can see I initially started playing with the dimmer preset, there is a good change in each preset (4 in total) (the camera auto light adjustment making it hard to see the differences)
        Then I started playing with the Menu, which should give you a pretty good idea of what the screen is capable of.

        This new monitor's processor is much snappier than my current/old xenarcs, minimal/non delay time between switching sources and menu choices.
        But the most exciting part of this new processor is how fast auto AV2 switch happens. I'm running the 701TSV which has auto switch to AV2, but I absolutely hate how long it takes between ignition and reverse camera is actually displayed. I've seen BMW's being able to pretty much instantaneously switch to reverse camera, and I've always dreamt of my car being able to do this. Even though the 805TSV is not quite instantaneous yet, its a pretty darn good improvement, and I have videos to prove it!

        The 701TSV Reverse time (about the same as my old 700TSV)

        The 805TSV Reverse Time

        The 701TSV took roughly 10 seconds, where as the 805TSV took roughly 5 seconds.
        Half the time! Impressive! This is great, but I'm hoping Xenarc will further improve this in future releases!

        Here is a side by side pic with my 22" Samsung LCD (DVI), and the 805TSV (VGA).
        The screen is very bright, text displayed nice and clear.

        Here is another similar picture, except with flash.

        Closer shot of the Xenarc

        Closer shot of both screens. This is where we see that the colors between the two are not quite the same.
        The Xenarc's color is a bit washed compared to the LCD color. This is most likely due to the anti-glare coating and the touchscreen diffusing the light,
        which may cause the screen to loose color quality, but will probably enhance the sunlight readability (will test on a nice sunny day soon).
        This is most noticeable on darker color, and not so noticeable on light colors.
        Most important difference with the 805TSV is the there is almost non grainy look when you look closely at the touchscreen overlay,
        which is a huge improvement from the previous screens I've ever used.

        So I fired up a HD version of ICE AGE 2 Preview, and this is the difference between the color.

        A few more showing the color difference between the two screen.

        The two side by side.

        The Samsung is nice, but its not a automotive screen. So let's move to a more interesting comparison.
        This is my Xenarc 701TSV, which I think have beautiful color, very bright, and well built monitor. Here is how they stack up.

        As you can see the color difference is a lot less noticeable. These two were adjusted using the auto adjust function and left as is for the rest of the pictures.
        What I see that maybe hard to see on the pictures is, the 805TSV is a bit washed up in color, and the 701TSV is a bit dark.

        After being puzzled why the 805TSV was so washed in color, I rethought for a second about how the trusted auto adjust function may not be doing the best auto adjustment. So i quickly changed the brightness manually, and voila! crisp clean pictures like i had expected!
        Here are the new pictures! the xenarc picture quality is equivalent with my 22" LCD!

        No difference compared to the 701TSV, except maybe better anti-glare!

        Both still have a huge headroom for contrast and brightness adjustments.

        Viewing angle comparison, both have amazing viewing angles! Though I think the 701TSV is a tad bit better.

        Side by Side picture.

        The final screen being the lilliput 619GL (OLD OLD model).

        As we can see that that my old lilliput is just outdated compared to the xenarc and is not a real comparison, but it'll give those with older screen a good idea of the difference.


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          Outdoor Pictures

          Well here comes the sad, but not surprising truth. Still not a transflective screen, but livable. This is brightness at 50%.

          This is brightness at 75%.

          This is brightness at 100%.

          This is pretty much as bad as I could've gotten it, horizontally that is.

          A few pics, near the driver side instead.

          Looking pretty sharp!

          A couple with my existing setup, one of my 2 x 701TSV for sake of comparison.


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            Front of LCD, measures: 183 x 140 x 6 mm (not including the circuit board)

            Back circuit board measures:180 x 110 x 10 mm

            As one unit glued together (LCD + Circuit board) Measures: 180.4 x 140.0 x 30.0 mm measured from the top of LCD to the highest component on the circuit board.

            The Button circuit board measures: 170 x 10 x 10 mm

            Front bezel measures: 200 x 163 x15 mm (touchscreen is the same as LCD measurements)

            Back bezel measures: 192 x 160 x 22 mm

            Complete unit measures: 200 x 160 x 35 mm

            *Measurements are accurate to +- 1mm


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              Originally posted by Punky View Post

              Side 2
              This is too thick.
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                too thick for what?


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                  For its overall size. Too thick for 2010. Too thick for the price. Chose one.

                  It's thicker than a tablet, only there's no HD, CPU, RAM, WIFI or any processing power whatsover. It's just a dumb monitor.

                  It's time for the screens to go slim, IMHO. They're too fat for my needs (overhead console for instance).
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                  Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

                  07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)


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                    the review was done in 2009, but i guess this model hasn't really change since.
                    i haven't looked into it much, but i don't know of too many 8" screen that are much thinner than this one.


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                      I know, I'm still looking though.
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                      Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

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                        Have a look at this guy's selection, maybe there's something you might need:


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                          Thanks for the review and all the pictures btw...loved the in car pics too.

                          I check the link, thanks.
                          Worklogs: 08 Sequoia Platinum Carputer (In Progress!)
                          Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

                          07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)


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                            Originally posted by Punky View Post
                            the review was done in 2009, but i guess this model hasn't really change since.
                            i haven't looked into it much, but i don't know of too many 8" screen that are much thinner than this one.
                            It seems to me that xenarc has the best quality monitors out. I have an older 4 wire TS 700tsv witch is on it last leg. I was thinking about the newer 5- wire 700tsv but I would like a little larger screen then the 7" but I want good brightness also. It seem like the 8" 805 wont be as bright.


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                              if you're looking for a bright screen, i'd go with the 702TSV. of course it aint an 8", but its incredibly bright.