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Software Review - Destinator 9 for iPhone

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  • Software Review - Destinator 9 for iPhone

    What is it?

    Destinator 9 is Intrinsync's entry into the rather crowded iPhone GPS space. The app comes with real-time traffic, integrated maps, POIs, Weather, and Google search integrated

    The Verdict:
    Destinator has made it's way onto the first page of my iPhone. The feature rich GPS app has replaced the multiple GPS apps if for no other reason than the superior graphical interface. Having tested the TomTom, Navigon, and Waze, Destinator seems to have the most updated maps, most features and the ability to route to contacts or google results is a huge plus. The ability to download a trial before purchase will explain why to spend the extra money on this app versus the others. The app is very large(updates are normally 1.6 GB+) and must be downloaded over wifi and tends to be slow to open. Once running it does not drain the battery horribly like the TomTom and if you close it the destination is retained so youc an conserve some battery on long drives

    Navigator 9 is available now at ITunes Store



    Destinator 9 uses voice guided turn-by-turn directions with Navteq Maps with a graphical display in either 2D or 3D. Traffic conditions, points-of-interest information, and weather informaton are included when available. Multi-Stop trips can be imported or destinations can be set by tapping on a location on a map, selecting addresses from contacts, or using the traditional address import methods. To augment the address imports you can select by town, street, intersection, or Latitude/Longitude. The app is available as a free trial download with a splash screen that can be toggled off to try the app initially. Once you purchase the app, you get additional features including speed limit notification and warnings.

    Upon starting the app, you are able to control your ipod collection from within the program. You can also check the real-time traffic and weather from the bottom menu.

    During navigation the display will change throughout your trip to show the overhead signs on the highway, as well as lane directions to guide you both visually and vocally. You can view the directions either vertically or horizontally and the display changes automatically with orientation of the iphone

    The app start up is very slow as I think it loads all the maps, however once it starts the gps finds your location very quickly. Much better than on the competing apps. The maps have been up to date and the app seems to be getting updated about once every couple weeks. The app is also available for Windows Mobile and Android

    The Positive:
    • Graphical Interface is easy to use
    • 3D view shows upcoming street signs
    • Background shows current weather
    • Google Search integration
    • Real-Time Traffic
    • Maintains Destination
    • Up-to-Date Maps
    • Ipod Controls Integrated
    • Speed Limit Warnings
    The Negative:
    • Slow to open
    • Very Large Download
    • Does not have the standard "Take me Home" option
    • $69.99 Price

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    +1 for this app!

    This app is excellent. I've used AT&T Navigator, and can say that Destinator beats it by a mile.

    On a recent 6 hour trip using an iPhone 3G, destinator ran very smoothly even in 3d mode. While it is true that it takes awhile to load, the app is responsive and the routing was figured reasonably quickly.

    In use, you can easily shut the iPhone down to save battery, then start it again when you need it. In addition, destinator comes with a maneuver mode that only shows the next direction and doesn't display the map. Destinator claims this saves battery life although I didn't test it since I had a car power supply cord.

    Voice directions are good and the onscreen display will actually show you what the exit looks like. I did find a few odd routings where I was instructed to exit in the middle of downtown PHiladelphia as we passed through on the way from NJ to NY. This was obviously wrong and I ignored it.

    In addition, the programmer crashed once after waking up from sleep. Relaunch fixed it and I had few problems with stability other Than that.

    The interface is good but difficult to control in the car. The addresss lookup works fine buT I usually have to try twice to get it right. There's something that isn't quite right there that keeps it from being seamless. What would be awesome is to be able to input the address via voice recognition.

    The iPod integration is a nice touch although expected due to the lack of multitasking on the iPhone.

    All in all, this is a program that is easy to like and an excellent tool for navigation on th iPhone.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
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      Update for Windows soon?

      Does anyone know if there will be an update for the Windows version of Destinator soon? I peeked at the Intrinsyc website but didn't see what I was hoping for. I like the look of this software on the iPhone and would love to see that UI carried into Centrafuse. Mostly, I'd really like to see traffic on my Centrafuse/Destinator screen through my cell connection. I haven't played with any other GPS apps for Centrafuse yet though, is there something out there that will already do this? I have the Google Traffic plugin, but I want traffic natively on my GPS map with real-time ETA (based on traffic) and routing around trouble spots.


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        nice share , thank you so much , i really need this for my i phone.