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In my opinion the best wifi adapter UAWIFI UA3

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  • In my opinion the best wifi adapter UAWIFI UA3

    Hi folks,

    Previously I posted thread about buying and testing the UAWIFI UA3 wifi adapter which is made in USA and made mainly for vehicles: cars, trucks, RVs, and even boats.
    Well I received my unit and tested it in any and every possible way to see how strong and reliable it is.
    Well, first let me tell you about mounting process, which is very important for many of us because in most cases we buy adapters which are not designed for cars, so we have to come up with some ideas on how to mount it on the vehicle and in most case we end up drilling holes or sacrificing a lot of space, but with UA3 you will not have any of those problems because it has very strong magnets on the bottom so you can attach it to any metal surface on your car or wherever you want to mount it, and beside the magnets it has extra 3 sockets for those who still want to mount it using bolts. The UAWIFI UA3 adapter is flat and very compact so it doesn't require alot of space, great for small cars too.
    After I mounted it on my truck I went to to download and install drivers, it took me no more than 8min, pretty easy and standard process.
    As soon as I installed the drivers I plugged my adapter to my laptop and started searching for wifi signals, I was amazed by how many wifis I was able to pick up. For compare-sen I can say that my laptop was able to pick up only 8 wifi signals near my house but the UA3 picked up over 25 connections, which was amazing results for such a small device.
    UAWIFI UA3 performance was way beyond my expectations and I can say that this is the best adapter I have ever tried. It is very fast and very reliable because it uses MIMO technology to receive and send signals, and besides all that this adapter is a very high quality product and MADE IN USA which is very rare these days for any product.
    Anyways, anybody who is looking for a great adapter for your car or even your house I would 100% suggest trying UA3 from UAWIFI manufacturer.

    Thank you for reading and I hope this info will help many drivers out there.

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    What dBi does that antenna have?