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  • The XPC SN41G2v2


    I first saw this little bugger in Best Buy while Christmas shopping in 2003. I saw its size and thought it would be better than lugging around my outdated tower and CRT to my buds house for some LAN action. Fast forward to 2005 and my discovery of mini-itx and eventually
    I chose to use this rig after reading about VIA’s tiny L2 cache. The AMD XP-M offers 512k compared to 64k. Data is transmitted from the processor chip into main memory through the L2 cache. This stops a data bottleneck. I also opted not to do the wire pin mod because I am lazy. I did try the software side of it to no avail. So I let it run under clocked and very cool. I would recommend using a desktop replacement variant as I am told is does not require any modification for the bios to read it. Here is a table of specs for all XP-M cpus.
    Having tossed out the case and psu, I was left with the mobo to which I pretty much stuffed in the glove box with the hdd and opus. I routed the usb front plate and power buttons to the center console near the lilliput touch screen.
    The Bios of the FN41 allow for smart fan speeds and over clocking. I could never get the over clocking to work right with my AMD XP 2500+ so I don’t bother. Just leave it on ‘optimal settings.’

    Presentation: 10, I loved the sleek style of it but I don’t use the case anymore.
    Graphics: 9, Can run Half Life 2 well, more than adequate for carputers. I love the idea running dual screens or on t/s and mulitple moniters thru the S-Video-connector.
    Sound: 7, Decent software with nForce running the show with EAX, but as a desktop with latest drivers it would crap out and sound terrible. OEM drivers work great.
    Power Consumption: 8, Base of the mobo and CPU is about 80w. Leaves plenty of head room to do the Molex 4-pin connector mod to power a touch screen on an OPUS.
    Overall: 9, If you like to run gps, divx and a heavy gui like MCE 2005 at once this flex ATX is a great choice and affordable too, $160 from Shuttle’s eBay store.

    Front View

    Back View



    SPECS: My Setup;
    CPU: Socket 462 (Socket A); AMD XP-M 2000+
    GPU: Built in GeForce 4 MX Graphics;
    Mem: Dual Channel DDR 200/266/333 * 2; 512 DDR 333
    Audio: Realtek ALC 650 6 channel audio
    Cooling: Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE); 1u Low-pro heatsink and fan
    PSU: 250W AC-DC; OPUS 150w DC-DC
    Complete Specs here

    Power Consumption of my Setup:
    Motherboard w/ integrated gfx 36w
    CPU 45w
    3.5” WD 250g eIDE HDD 11w
    USB (from lilliput) 05w
    Total 97w

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    XPC Tools now availible for most Shuttle XPC's
    The XPC Tools Advantage

    Overclocking on the fly

    Change bus speeds and voltages directly from within Windows for improved performance when you really need it. Dynamically overclock your XPC without rebooting the system or entering the BIOS.

    Advanced profile system

    Create fully customized profiles to suit any use or setting. Turn everything to maximum for extreme performance when gaming, and then switch to a low noise configuration while you enjoy music or a movie. Profiles can be saved and loaded at the click of a button.

    Complete Smart Fan control

    Manage Smart Fan directly from within XPC Tools. Adjust settings to suit the thermal or acoustic levels you want. With XPC Tools it's now even easier to keep your XPC "Super Quiet, Super Cool."

    Real-time system monitoring

    XPC Tools gives you real-time access to a comprehensive range of system metrics and information. 2 fully customizable view modes keep the information you need always on hand. Advanced logging functions make determining optimal settings for your system quick and easy.

    Versatile Front-panel Display (VFD) management and configuration

    With XPC Tools you can turn the Shuttle VFD accessory on supported XPCs into a complete system-monitoring device. Display system temperatures, fan speeds, and more in real-time on the front of your XPC. Customize your XPC with your own personal message.

    Full list of XPC Tools features

    * The only system management utility design specifically for the XPC
    * 2 fully customizable view modes
    * Real-time display of system metrics
    * Dynamic overclocking
    * Complete Smart Fan control
    * Advanced system information and logging functions with export
    * VFD management and configuration
    * Optical drive controls
    * Advanced profile system
    * Multi-language support (English, French, German, Traditional Chinese, Japanese)


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      Supported XPC models:
      # SD31P
      # SB95P V1,V2
      # SB86i
      # SB83G5
      # SB81P
      # SB77G5
      # SB75G2/S
      # SB65G2
      # SB62G2
      # SB61G2 V1,V2,V3,V4,
      # SB61R(RefleXion)
      # SB52G2
      # SB51G
      # ST20G5
      # SK41G V1
      # SK43G V1
      # SK83G V1, V2
      # SS56G V1, V3
      # SS58G V1, V2
      # SK21G
      # SD11G5
      # SS59G
      # SB87G5

      Beta support:
      # SN41G2 V1, V2, V3
      # SN45G V3
      # SN85G4 V3
      # SN95G5 V1, V2, V3
      # SN25P
      # SS51G


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        I've got to agree with the review 100%.

        One correction, however. The motherboad is not flexATX. It's Shuttle's proprietary form factor, aslo known as the Shuttle Formfactor (how unoriginal!).

        You can also find these units on Ebay used for less than Shuttle's price. I got mine for $150 about a year ago, and it was advertised as barely used. I've seen them going for as low as $100-$125 used.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          lil confused.. allt he ones i see on ebay are $100 barebones. I havent found the store that sells them from 160 with processor. Can ya link perhaps
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            The barebones isn't going to have any RAM or CPU or anything else.
            It's just the motherboard, case and the stock CPU cooling unit (which I'm not using)
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              Shuttle List the mobo as flexATX on their auctions.


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                A tip I just remembered:
                After installing Windows XP/MCE it will promt you to let Windows fix your resolution, don't let it. This will keep all resolutions unlocked and is how I ran MCE at very low resolutions to make the buttons more accesible.


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                  just a few more info please...

                  hi kirbycope, i just found your post and i thank you for this review...very helpfull

                  Could you just tell me if you had to change the FSB and the multiplier in the Bios of the Mainboard FN41 to work with the XP-M?

                  or did you just plugged the proco and played it?

                  Also are you sure it's possible to set this board to S3 mode (suspend to ram) ?

                  Thanks in advance


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                    The BIOS of the XPC SN41G (FN41 motherboard) BIOS doesn't have any accomodation for changing clock speed/multipliers.

                    I used the pin mod to force the motherboard to recognize the clockspeed & multiplier. The core voltage is higher than the CPU rating, only because there is nothing in the pin mod about setting the core voltage to the stock level of the XP-M CPU. Mine runs at 1.48v with no problems.
                    If you don't set the clock speed/multiplier with the pin mod, the XP-M is recognized as 800mhz (100mhz X 8)and runs at that speed.
                    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                    How about the Wiki?

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                      DP is right, no multipliers. You can use the software solution to change it, its CrystalCPUID i think...its been months since i messed with that.
                      And I never tried S3 mode.


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                        ****. I forgot about that. Yes, I know for a fact it has S3 mode.
                        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                        How about the Wiki?

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