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Software Review: FrodoPlayer

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  • Software Review: FrodoPlayer

    Product: FrodoPlayer Take 3
    Est. Price: Free

    • Built in DVD player
    • Frodo Cam support
    • Picture viewer
    • File synchronization
    • Video player
    • Full screen visualization
    • External application launcher
    • Skins
    • Embedded magnifier
    • and more....

    First Impressions:

    Frodo Player is known to the carputing community as a great all-around application. Knowing this, I expect FP to bring a lot to the table.

    First impressions of FP had me coming back for more. There are a tons of unique features and there's a lot of flexibility with this program.

    I was definately not let down with this robust application. Please note that this review was written on 04.09.2005. We apologize for the images, they were captured on an actual carputer, taken out of the car and hooked up to a monitor.

    A Closer Look:

    A closer look at the options menu screen and you can see all the features of Frodo Player. the left picture shown below is the navigation menu to get everything other than the music player.
    You can see the FrodoCam, the DVD, Apps, Radio, etc...all easily accessible from one location.
    Most of the buttons are large and easy to use with a small 7 inch touch screen.

    The right picture below shows the external application launcher. Once again, large areas for use with touch screens, works great.


    Installation is fairly easy with FP. After installation you can play with a myriad of settings and controls. As can be seen in the pictures below, there are two separate settings pages.
    Each page offers navigation submenus along the left side, with their corresponding elements displayed on the right side of the screen.

    You can edit everything from voices, skins, security code option for modifying settings, to separate settings for all the 'mini Frodo' applications. Click pictures below for larger view.


    Frodo Player has all the expected ammenities you expect in a top level carputing interface. The two pictures below show iGuidance running imbedded within FP, and the file synchronization page.

    Frodo player also has it's own camera display. This is very helpful for reverse cameras or security cameras.


    Frodo Player is a solid app that works amazingly well. There was one thing that we did not like - the size of the buttons for song navigation with the default skin. The buttons are rather small when using a touch screen. (shown in the picture below, in the lower right hand corner)

    But, since FrodoPlayer is skinnable, you can easily use another skin that fits your style better, or even make your own.

    Frodo Player is a great program. It's easy to see why it's one of the most popular. After installation, I had an issue with FrodoPlayer not filling up the whole screen. After poking around the setting pages, I was able to find a setting that toggled FP into full screen mode.

    Hats off to Frodo for his tremendous accomplishments in such a short time that Frodo Player has been around. Expect to see and hear more from this man Frodo. He is one of the leading code gurus of the carputer community. Be sure to check out his website, there are many more applications that Frodo has created himself, that work great with Frodo Player

    Frodo Player take 3 was tested here.

    • Magnitude of features
    • Internal DVD player
    • Skinnable
    • Browser style screens
    • On screen magnifier
    • Robust setting screens
    • Frequent updates
    • Size of music navigation buttons.
    • Volume increase and decrease have sweeping delay, instead of instant results.
    • Error message if you click empty, non-used menu buttons

    Only post additions or your personal reviews in this thread. No need to make comments about unrelated issues, banter about Frodoplayer, etc... No post whoring, all irrelevant and useless posts will be removed. No other front ends should be mentioned within this thread. We will periodically update first post to keep consistent with new features/releases. Keep this thread clean, we do not need to have a 100+ post thread 'reviewing' one single frontend.

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    Reserved for future release/updates to Frodoplayer


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      Size of music navigation buttons
      Volume increase and decrease have sweeping delay, instead of instant results
      Just a heads up, this two known probs have been fixed in ver 1.10

      Error message if you click empty, non-used menu buttons
      If your refering to the buttons in the main menu, this is no true. You can deactivate XM and FM buttons in sett1\XM external APP\ none (same for FM).

      Delete this as soon as you see it to keep this thread clean.

      RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

      Nissan Aux-in MOD

      Originally posted by bgoodman
      We're an international forum, post in whatever langauge you like.


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        i dont know about anyone else, but i think all 3 of the CONS are not correct information.

        1. i dont think the size of navigation buttons in the default skin matter when there are so many skins available.

        2. The volume has changed instantly for me since the first release of FP

        3. not sure how you would have a empty non used button, what kind of error do you get?
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          1.He meant the so far (before 1.10) non skinnable GPS window... the one with the hide and media buttons

          2.There's a little prob in take 3 with the volume stoping for some ms when keeping presing (in 1.10 the volume controls are way more sensitive)

          3.The error that mobile drescribe I think is the one when you press FM and it give you a error (about radiator path if I' no mistaken) and it close down FP.... but like I said best way is just pointing the FM and XM to a ext APP and for path chose "none".

          RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

          Nissan Aux-in MOD

          Originally posted by bgoodman
          We're an international forum, post in whatever langauge you like.


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            how in the world can they manage to give away such a sopisticated software for free?


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              It's a labor of love from one devoted, maniacle monkey.
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

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