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Software Review: Centrafuse

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  • Software Review: Centrafuse

    Product: Centrafuse 1.4
    Est. Price: Free
    Date: Review originally written before Centrafuse 1.5 came out


    Centrafuse has to be the king of intergration when it comes to front end software, this application really packs a punch! Main Features include: audio/video playback, intergrated DVD player, fully embedded phone control, embedded gps, embedded web broswer, embedded CD ripper and more.

    First Impressions:

    At first, centrafuse can look overwhelming, but a closer look will show a well planned out interface.

    A Closer Look:

    Boasting a easy to navigate media player and intergrated weather display screen.


    Installing centrafuse was the only down side to the program. Centrafuse requires .Net Framework to be installed prior to installation. This can be a problem for slower computers because .Net can have a huge factor in speed depending on the system. Our test showed that centrafuse ran pretty slow when compared to other front ends. This could be sourced back to the .Net Framework.


    Fully intergrated DVD player and an awesome built in CD ripper. CD ripping is fast and precise


    Powerfull front end software that is sure to show that you may never need to go back to that ugly desktop again. Centrafuse has almost everything you need, making it less likely you would need to access a program through windows.

    Very power program with many features. All this power comes at a cost of performance and speed.

    • Lots of features at your fingure tips.
    • DVD Player
    • CD Ripper
    • Web Browser
    • A/V Player
    • Weather Reports
    • Embedded GPS
    • Skinnable

    • Requires .Net. Runs slow on weaker machines.

    Only post additions or your personal reviews in this thread. No need to make comments about unrelated issues, banter about Frodoplayer, etc... No post whoring, all irrelevant and useless posts will be removed. No other front ends should be mentioned within this thread. We will periodically update first post to keep consistent with new features/releases. Keep this thread clean, we do not need to have a 100+ post thread 'reviewing' one single frontend.

    We will be adding a review for Centrafuse 1.5 within days.

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    Reserved for CF 1.5 Review


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      Reserved for CF 1.6 Review


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        Those screen shots are of centrafuse 1.2, not 1.4. 1.4 - 1.5 have written screen painting code, along with many other things, which really speed it up. 1.5 does have other serious problems, however.
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          Hey donde, feel free to post your own screenshots to the end of this thread.
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            screenshots can be found at 1.6 should be out fairly soon though, which will have a different skin, so any screenshots of mine will be obsolete.
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              So, did we all stop using CF or what??

              What's the latest and greatest?
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