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  • USB Powered Fm Transmitter

    Alright I know the general feelings on fm modulators but I wanted to show u this one available at and also on eBay for about $5 less than on the product site.
    the product is the "Sound Without Wires MOD2" by
    and it is a 7 channel USB Powered Sound Transmitter that requires no software install and is completely plug and play.
    Range of the signal is going to depend on the receiving radios antenna but I have seen 50 to 100 feet of distance in most cases.
    The unit is constructed well and made from lightweight yet durable black plastic.
    The unit has two wires on it (USB and 3.5MM headphone jack) that are long enough to reach around the back of a laptop (about 12 - 15") and you can use any device with it that has a headphone jack.
    The unit carries a good warranty and was shipped on time in nice packaging.

    This modulator is all of what it claims to be and there is a lot of good response and feedback coming in on this product and I personally use it on a daily basis and ill have to say its nice to sit in bed and have the sound from my laptop coming thru on the surround sound and then be able to use the laptop in not only own car but my friends cars too.
    obviously permanent or more hard wired solutions are generally preferred by myself (I like custom applications) but sometimes quick and easy is the best route and leaves you with the most versatility
    Thanks for the support and good reading material, MC

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    Hi use an FM transmitter on my in-car PC setup. Mine is the line-x one which takes batteries. However I modified it so i could plug it into a USB port to get its power. It does a pretty good job, every now and again i get a bit of fuzz if im in a bit of a dodgy area, and yes i too would prefer to hardwire it into the back of my head unit, but my head unit doesnt have any audio inputs, i`d have to do the CD Changer hack. But to get me up and running its been serving great. I havnt had any passengers complain of bad quality or anything like that. Its generally pretty good

    Theres another advantage to having the transmitter over hardwiring. If you have a few cars parked up they can also enjoy your tunes hehehe. And yes i have done that and everyone thought it was awesome!


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      this company is scammer and posted on their site they aren't shipping to people that paid them

      lease note that there has been a major shipping problem within our company and it appears that anywhere between 20 and 50 of our clients who purchased transmitters on eBay have not received what they have paid for as of Sunday February 25th.

      Please understand that we are taking care of these clients by means of refund and until the situation is fully resolved we will be shutting down the company and no longer selling transmitters on eBay or anywhere else.

      If your order was not received please make a claim with PayPal and if the transmitter was in fact not delivered you will be issued a refund as quickly as possible.

      The reason we are unable to ship out replacement transmitters is because all of our transmitters are hand made and until this issue has been fully resolved we will not be stocking the supplies needed to produce the transmitters.


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        very useful hardware