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Software Review: Albumplayer 4.4 (onwards)

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  • Software Review: Albumplayer 4.4 (onwards)

    What it is/does: MP3 Music Player

    Reviewed by: niblet
    Manufacturer : Albumon
    Price: 29.50
    Rating: 9/10
    Manufacturer website:
    Purchased at:
    Pros: A good visual interface for choosing your songs, excellent support from developer.
    Cons: Have not tried it in car, so cannot rightly comment.

    I have been using this software on a 7" 800 x 480 resolution touchscreen.
    I originally looked for software through this site for a home jukebox solution, this is the best product I have come across, it is a joy to use, it quickly scans your music collection, searches in each of the albums location on your PC then if not found, on the internet for the album art, you can quickly scroll down your list of albums or search for an artist, album, song, etc..

    The support from the developer is fantastic, I have given my suggestions regarding the touchscreen funtionality and drawbacks and he has taken on board all reasonable requests and modified the program to be the most beneficial for it's users. ( check out the comunity forums at: )

    It costs 29.50 (around $37 or 20) and this gives you free upgrades for ever and access to the beta versions.

    Have a look at and check out the demo version