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Hardware Review: Mp3Car 8" 16:9 VGA/Composite Monitor with Touchscreen

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  • Hardware Review: Mp3Car 8" 16:9 VGA/Composite Monitor with Touchscreen

    Hardware Review: Mp3Car 8" 16:9 VGA/Composite Monitor with Touchscreen

    What it is/does: Touchscreen Monitor

    Reviewed by: Darin
    Manufacturer : Mp3Car ? They had someone make it for them.
    Model: Optiplex Mp3Car 8" 16:9
    Display Size: 8" Diagonal
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    Number of Pixels: 1,152,000
    Supported Resolution: 640x480~1600x1200
    Native Resolution: 800x480
    Brightness: 400cd/m2
    Back Light: Built-in CCFT
    Video Inputs:1x VGA and 2x RCA(Composite)
    Video Input System: PAL/NTSC Auto Switched
    Power Source:+12V Regulated (Do not Connect Straight to the battery)
    (not sure what they are refering to here. As far as I can tell it is nothing more then a cig lit plug.)
    Power Consumption: 10W Max
    Operation Temperature: 0C to 50C (32F to 122F)
    Monitor Dimensions:W: 220mm(8.67in) x H: 125mm (5.32in) x D: 29mm (1.15in)

    Price: $260.00
    Rating: 9/10
    Manufacturer website:
    Purchased at:
    Pros: Great Price, Big picture, Great Brightness

    I had a different brand before, that was a flip out. I wanted to go with something I could make look more stock. The picture is wonderful, easy to read. I have only had it in my car for a full day. But the Sun was out and it was very readable. Sure it washed out some in direct light, but much better then what I had before.

    Cons: None yet, other then the 2 week wait. They are out off stock again.


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    Good review. I do have a couple of questions on the cables though. What is the single orange/red wire? The red and white RCAs are for audio in, and the yellow is a video in... but what are the black and blue RCAs and what is the black plug with the ferrite bead on it for?


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      Yellow Video 1
      Red Audio 1
      White Audio 2 (That is what it says on it, but I would say they are left and right for audio 1.)

      Black RCA Video 2
      Blue RCA Video 3

      What is the black plug with the ferrite bead on it for? That is the DC Plug for DC 12V

      There is also a USB plug there.

      The Org wire? It is not listed in the manual. I would assume that it would be an Ill. wire and would dim the unit when the car lights are on. I will have to contact mp3car to find out.

      More pictures of it installed, in the future. I am working on a post for "Show off your project" of my full system. Still have some work to finish.


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        what does that "mirror" button do?


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          The manual does not have that button listed. I would assume that it will flip the image. This would be used for a backup cam. I do not have a video sig hooked up to it (or I would test it) and the mirror button does nothing on VGA source.


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            The packaging and included materials (remote, touchscreen driver CD, cigarette lighter plug, etc.) look identical to the accessories included with the SP7 screen, so I'd bet it's from whoever manafactures that screen.

            The mirror button on the remote does nothing on my SP7 screen either...and the cig. plug is nothing more than a plug on my internal circuitry.

            FYI for the OP: most (all, really) of the LCD screens are sourced from overseas. It's even rumored that many of the LCD screens are actually pulled from Japanese arcade/casino machines...the manafacturer then produces a plastic case and the circuitry to run them, and then packages them and resells them. In any case, is NOT the manafacturer, but just a reseller.

            Could you take some pics in the daylight (preferably one with the sun directly on the part of the screen and the rest of the screen in the shade), and post them here?

            An amateur built the Ark. The Titanic was built by professionals.


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              Looks like a Xenarc to me...
              Carputer Progress:

              Re-do fabrication of screen [DONE]
              Add mini-USB and micro-USB power from M2-ATX [DONE]
              Teardown PC [100%]
              Add HDMI > VGA converter [0%]


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                I will try to get a picture of the screen with Sunlight. But this time of the year, there are less sun and it is at a different angle then in the summer.


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                  How did you mount it in the dash? Did you use a stereo installation kit, cut it, or just "glued" it behind the dash. I also have a Ford Focus and I'd like to mount this thing in my car.


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                    hey, i have this monitor in my car and it works great. the orange wire alone except the rca is a switch for back up camera. I use that wire to connect to the reverse light wire so putting the car in reverse it will switch to my backup camera. works great.