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  • Updates to DashCollection

    Download DashCollection


    What is DashCollection?

    Required scripts are in the forum. See link above. ^

    A collection of dashboards, almost completely unrelated. Most made by me, others made by fishy and BengTeck. Dashboards and corresponding scripts by other users are completely unchanged.

    The main screen is set to the dashboard descriptions. PLEASE change it to your favorite dashboard!
    (Seriously, who wants to read descriptions when they start DashCommand!?)

    Some dashboards are quite large, and won't look good on slower computers/iPhones.

    The dashboard menus can get bigger, if you have a dashboard you'd like to add, let me know!

    Some dashboards are unfinished. These include:
    Magden - PIDs not assigned (All are RPM).
    Garmin - PIDs not assigned (All are RPM).
    Details - VERY slow. Buttons are unresponsive.
    Boost - Too plain. Needs something more... Suggestions?
    Plus 13 unused menu spaces.
    Brian @ Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.