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Updates to CF Song Announcer

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  • Updates to CF Song Announcer

    Download CF Song Announcer


    What is CF Song Announcer?

    This plugin announces the next song to play. It is triggered each time the song changes or you skip a song.

    This is a non-GUI plugin, but you can still add a button for it so you can quickly turn the announcements on/off.

    The announcement is formed using the "Announcement Format" setting for the plugin. the '%' values can be used anywhere in the string and are replaced by the actual values for the song. Keep in mind if the value isn't filled in for that song it will just be left blank. I didn't go for the random fixed announcements as I'd rather leave the format open to the user, but if people are interested I can expand on this feature more.

    Song format values mapped to song's tag information:
    %title, %artist, %album, %filename, %track, %year, %publisher, %genre, %copyright, %composer, %comment

    The default value for the announcement format should give you an idea how to use it.