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Updates to CF Street Name Announcer

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  • Updates to CF Street Name Announcer

    Download CF Street Name Announcer


    What is CF Street Name Announcer?

    Whenever you set a route with Destinator it will read the name of the upcoming street and announce it in the customisable format, as well as the distance to the street if you wish.

    11/03/2010 - Version 2.1
    - Updated for CF3.1

    10/11/2009 - Released

    It would be fantastic if I could have it say the direction of hte turn as well but I cannot get that information with the current API.

    There are only two key words for the announcement:
    %street - the next street name
    %distance - the distance to the next street

    At the moment it will avoid repeating the same name of the street. It will only make the announcement when the name of the next street changes (hopefully... this hasn't been tested yet). Also, this plugin may be open to the repeating announcement problem which came up with the Song announcer as I couldn't use the same fix, but I am yet to experience it.

    This is a non-GUI plugin but it does include the option of a button for fast turn enable/disable, exactly like the Song Announcer.


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    Updates to CF Street Name Announcer

    New features in version 2.1
    - Replaces streets which are just a number to \'Unknown Street\' (Can be altered in Language file to whatever you want)