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  • Donating in AUTO APP MART

    My first post on MP3Car.
    I logged into the APPMART and wanted to download
    the DFX5.1.2 Skin for RideRunner
    Question is, I use PayPal for all of my purchases on the Web
    can i use it to Donate/Download this app? If I try to donate
    it only asks for some Zen****** card which is unkown to me
    with no other options. if I try to Download it says that the app is
    "Not available" can I still get this app as RideRunner looks to be
    a great frontend (I've only just discovered carPC frontends on the web)
    and I want to intergrate it into my motorhome

    Any help greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Huntron, Can you post a screenshot of what you see on autoappmart? I'd like to see what you see when that happens.



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      Looks like donating is still broken when trying to use PayPal or broken again. You go through the review/approval/submit screens for AppMart and then login to Paypal. It then loops you back to step 2 (review) of the AppMart screens. There was no price info during the PayPal login screens just a note saying you would see the price before approving. Makes one very nervious. Could someone look into this?


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        I agree the process is convoluted, but once you loop back to step 2, if you continue (now that you have a paypal auth) it will complete to your download. Once we change the shopping cart for AAM it won't be so bad. This one just sucks. :/