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    I worked for Unisys for a short time this year, they are really big in to the security side of Cloud Computing.

    Honestly though after talking to Techs, Sys Admins and software guys, I see some big holes in the idea of actually securing the "Cloud". I also see two worlds, the "Cloud" were everyone(the public) chats, dl's files, stores files, etc and then "Ground" (for lack of a better term) where the big companies and military stay off the "Cloud" in preference of better security.
    My new install

    D945GCLF2, M350 case,Xenarc 700 tsv,m-4 ATX
    Visteon HD radio w/mitches cable, BU-353
    2 Punch 150 amps, 1 Kicker ZX 400.1 watt
    4 Boston Acoustic Speakers,2 Pioneer 10 subs