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  • GPSTracker Mapping app

    Just released a new version of my tracking app but thought I'd post details here as well so it doesn't get missed. Get it here.

    The new installer includes a tracking client which runs in standalone mode. It can be set to collect mapping data only and not tracking data which requires the seperate server app. Just set MapData to true and trackData to false in the installer or ini file

    It has lots of bug fixes.
    It maps data every 100m rather than every 30 seconds as it did before.
    The accuracy of data allowed to be collected has been set to 6 or less.
    Data is ignored for a random number of points (including a user settable minimum) when the computer comes out of hibernate or suspend or the tracker client is restarted.
    The same process deletes a random numer of point so that its not possible to find out where you where going to as well as were you started. This is because most of my journeys begin and end at the same points each day (travel to work) so the end of my journey gave away the start of my previous journey.

    Its still possible to allow the app to automatically upload the collected data to mp3car via either dedicated internet connection or WIFI connection to your home network. This happens once everyday NOT real time.
    If you want to do this manually set the MapUpload setting in the ini file to 0 (zero). Then click the button on the client and an xml will be created in the install directory\xml folder.
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