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Proposed Webservice - Map Search

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  • Proposed Webservice - Map Search

    While Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others already have online APIs anyone can call, each of them require a different encoding and return back with different data types. THis webservice would be able to call any major map search API and return back a common datatype. This would allow changing your search provider(s) without having to change any code.

    Proposed Client Functionality
    The client must be able to understand the returned data and place this data on a map or display it as a list.

    Proposed Webservice Functionality
    The Webservice must be able to contact all the major map search APIs, configure the requests, recieve the data, and change the data to match the common return data type.

    Proposed Plan of Action
    • Explore the leading map search APIs for how they function
    • Develop the common return datatype

    Current Process = Return datatype 90% complete, google functionality 90% complete, need to explore yahoo, msn and more.