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  • CarPCDroid frontend

    Some time ago Im start developing Android frontend... My main goal is put together all main things which is used in CarPC most of time(Media, Navigation, Phone)...
    It will have settings to configure:
    -user main screen page layout(button positions, labels name)
    -media(audio & video) folders

    Audio/video player have option to make playlist and switch between them by button, option to mark media as favorite, random playing option...

    Later will be also added WEB browser, weather, OBDII (bluetooth) support, FM radio support(Not shure about it) and some other plugins...

    For now Im not shure about release version options but I think that there will be two options. First complete with navigation and another without navigation...

    Here are some screenshots but please do not comment layout because need a lot of work, but I will focus on it after I will complete backend...

    More info: LINK

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    WOW!!! I Likey.

    Will be watching this one.
    I wouldn't mind using your FE on my tab when released.
    Nice job so far man.


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      very interested.

      Suggestion regarding radio: Maybe you can talk to Wal who has developed an android app for the dab monkeyboard (this board has FM and DAB) found here

      also, when you start looking at layout etc, i personally like this one from here

      Click image for larger version

Name:	67970d1352573743-bmw-e46-android-install-includes-build-log-diy-bmw.png
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        Selfishly I agree..


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          A suggestion to save you time: Google Music and PowerAMP both have published APIs which means you can control them from your ffrontend. PwerAmp is great to use!


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            Originally posted by mos33y View Post
            A suggestion to save you time: Google Music and PowerAMP both have published APIs which means you can control them from your ffrontend. PwerAmp is great to use!
            Audio player is already completed together with playlists ...


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              Looks great man cant wait to try it out!
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                any updates here?


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                  Originally posted by mos33y View Post
                  any updates here?
                  +1 I'm interested in this...


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                    Also interested +1 any news

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                      Project is not dead Few weeks ago Im start continue working on it(old tablet is die and Im buy new one)... I will update progress more often on my forum on my web page: LINK

                      -Changing playlists BUG (Do not store playlist changes like shuffle, last song)
                      -Last shuffle/normal playing settings loaded on playlist change
                      -Navigation (Sygic hang on init - Problem on low resolution screens - FIX with latest App and SDK and some changes in code)

                      -Add/Remove favorite flag to song
                      -Click on list start playing song
                      -Show Embedded image in song or load album image(first image in song folder - Tested with jpg&png)
                      -Audio/Video Library manager(background processing) - Clear/Rebuild functions

                      Next plans:
                      -FIX: remove <unknown> artist label if audio song do not have ID3 tags
                      -Video Player
                      -Playlist manager

                      Some updated screenshots:

                      I have also plan to do soon:
                      -Simple WEBBrowser plugin
                      -Weather plugin
                      -YouTube plugin


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                        New thread update

                        - Video Player: Play/Pause/Next/Previous video, playlists, favorite, shuffle/normal playing

                        - Video Player: Aspect ratio, preview/fullscreen video
                        - Removed <unknown> artist label if audio song do not have ID3 tags. If song do not have ID3 tags manager look for " - " and use it as delimiter for artist/title Example: AC/DC - Thunderstruck will be splited to Artist: AC/DC Title: Thunderstruck
                        - Video Player: List and header labels, after app restart and last video loaded, video view is not visible
                        - Changing media players do not pause previous media player

                        Next plans:
                        -Video Player: Subtitle support


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                          Here are two screenshots to see how look video player...


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                            Hey good job so far, keep up the good work. I've been waiting to for a good all in one android app that will handle all my infotainment needs. Is there any chance of you adding a portrait mode? So if users install their android tablet in portrait mode your app will auto switch orientation without issues.
                            1. Navigation, waze or google maps would be great and whenever google maps give voice directions or prompts it mutes or pauses whatever is playing while the prompt is being said.
                            2. Internet radio: tune in, Iheartradio, pandora, spotify