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New frontend - Digital Car for Android DOWNLOAD

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  • New frontend - Digital Car for Android DOWNLOAD

    Digital Car for Android Alpha 1.0 OUT NOW

    Grab is from the play store by joining the testing group. To do this click HERE

    Have fun.....

    Digital Car for Android Alpha 0.2 OUT NOW

    Grab it from HERE


    New in this version (Alpha 0.2)

    Added 8 preset app buttons
    Added App Launcher
    Added Background chooser
    Added Power awareness
    Added Other media awareness, pauses for navigation / Tunein etc..
    Added lots more.. (apols, can't remember everything)

    Power awareness -
    1st set your device to sleep to 15 seconds - go to settings, display, sleep = 15 sec'd
    plug in your device and start Digital Car for Android up
    When you unplug it, it will pause and then let it self go to within 15 seconds
    Plug it back in and it will start playing

    Background -
    To set you own image as a background, goto your internal storage device and you will see a folder called DigitalCar/Backgrounds. Just store them in there and next time you start DC up it will have them included. Please keep the images around 100k so not to cause a bitmap loading error.

    I still need to do lots more, mainly in the settings.

    Have fun......

    [31st July]
    Well, here is my first alpha release of Digital Car for Android...

    First Tip
    On the media screen you have 3 buttons (i,ii,iii) these remember folder locations. To SET the location, navigate to where you want and press and HOLD the button for 2 sec's.

    I've tested it on my Samsung Tab 8 and it seems to work fine. This is an 8 inch tablet with built in GPS.

    Please post comments / screen results etc. The more info you can supply the better.. ie tablet name / gps enabled etc..

    Grab it from

    Download it, unzip it and copy it over to your tablet. It will say it's from an untrusted source, but this is because it's not signed. (for testing)

    Have fun :-)

    [27th July 2014]
    Hey peep's,

    Well... I've decided to dust off the coding gloves again and have a go at coding for an Android tablet. I've only been at it for about 3 weeks, and it's a very steep learning curve from and flash..

    anyway, I've got a couple of screens half done and it seems to be working well. slow but sure, anyway.. I'll try and keep you updated.

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    Very nice looking so far. How do you integrate to the car's stock audio? Is it all bluetooth or are there any physical connections? I will sub this and start my own "wishlist" thread to see what is out there. Technology changes so fast that even searching can be quite useless even if a thread is only a year or so old. Thanks for your contribution to mobile audio.


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      Good to see you back at it. Normally I don't think much about anything I see regarding Android and CarPCs, but I'll keep an eye on this.


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        i like that someone like you is back at coding again, imo tablets/android is the future if there is a solution on the actual limitations (embeding apps, bluetooth handsfree, etc..)
        i will take an eye on this also


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          Is there a chance that you dust off the coding gloves for FreeIce again?


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            Nice one Steve,

            I like to give this a go when ready.


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              Now released, check first thread
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                have you been able to integrate a navigation app or torque yet?
                What are your plans for future development?

                deffinately following this thread
                View my worklog here


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                  Originally posted by eugenweij View Post
                  have you been able to integrate a navigation app or torque yet?
                  What are your plans for future development?

                  deffinately following this thread

                  Not sure about nav or torque yet. However, I did finish off last night a floating icon/button. That when you come out of Digital Car appears. It's like Facebook messenger that floats around the screen on top of everything, so I will be adding a button for say Google Navigation on my menu When you click it, it will go to the Navigation screen and my floating icon will appear so you can easily go back to my app... I could even have it so it has media controls / track title. Will have to see :-)

                  Also made it proper FULL screen (use's KitKat immersion). It now scale's non-isotropically to get the most out of your screen. Removed the volume bar showing and started on a setting's screen (now change the background).

                  Should have a new release later today..

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                    Here's a little update...

                    Now integrated google maps / chrome (sort off..) you can open the apps from inside Digital Car and my app displays the floating icon to get back :-)

                    hopefully get some more done on the settings screen today.

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                      Looking good! Tests great on my Galaxy Note 10.1 and Samsung GS3
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                        Digital Car for Android Alpha 0.2 coming soon....

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                          Looking very nice. Any chance of this being open sourced on GitHub or the like?

                          I'll try it out on my 2012 Nexus 7 once I get back home.
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                            Thanks for your comments. I intend to put it as a paid app in the Play store eventually so I won't be releasing the code for obvious reasons. I will however offer any help I can in other ways.

                            I've now got it pausing and resuming music when navigation it talking or you swap over to Tunein app or similar. Just finished the power code off. At the moment when it's powered it keeps the screen on, if you remove the power it pauses the music and releases the screen. Then, it all depends how long you have your screen set to. The lowest is 15 seconds before it enters sleep. When power then is reconnected, it turns your screen on and starts playing. :-) Ideal for a tablet in the car.

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                              pretty neat. Don't get why the speedometer in the middle though, most car has a speedometer in-front of the driver on the cluster