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Smart Control: the first smart on-board computer realized on Android

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  • Smart Control: the first smart on-board computer realized on Android

    I m going to publish an Android app for ELM device, you will find the description at url

    will be called Smart Control.

    Who is interested in being able to download a preview of the free version, can send me a private message, stating your google plus account in order to add it to the comunity of alpha testers.

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    I've updated the page of Smart Controlt

    There is anyone interested to try Smart Control and know what really does?
    Obviously I'm not unbiased but I'm sure you'll understand the difference with the app currently available ....


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      You can follow updates on Smart Control of the page

      Coming soon to Google Play


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        A video demonstration of Smart Control Free:


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          Do you want try Smart Control?
          Now you can enter community and proceed with the download of the app in beta testing.


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            Exceptionally, the first users who download Smart Control Free, may require the promotional license that will allow them to use all the functions provided by the paid version in order to overcome the following limitations:
            -Keep only the last three trips and data;
            -The average consumption and the other values are based on the last three trips available, with a poor precision;
            -Show only the last two refuelings;
            -Do not display the arrival position;
            -Do not allow navigation to the last known position;
            -Do not allow the user addition;
            -During the trip, it allows only the display of acceleration 0-100 km/h

            Do not let yourself miss this opportunity!
            Enter now in the community of beta testers