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does anyone know how to put android into hibernate instead of shutdown

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  • does anyone know how to put android into hibernate instead of shutdown

    Hello I was wondering if any app does hibernation (as in windows)? meaning when I turn off my phone it goes into a deep sleep/hibernation, then when I power it back on, it returns to the state in was in prior to shutdown. Just as in any windows computer. If you know any app or something that can do this please let me know.
    P.s. I'm installing android 4.4.2(KitKat) on my carpc so rather than it shutting down every time I turn off the car I would like it to just go into hibernation.

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    Im not shure if this is possible, because android is not designed to work like this... You can turn screen off and if there is not any app/service which request wake up CPU to do some work, then it will go to sleep mode and consume less power... You can maybe find some app which if you turn off screen for more than few hours it make shutdown...
    So for example you turn off ignition and carpc send shutdown request to android OS, you handle this request and prevent shutdown and just turn off screen, if you for exxample do not turn on ignition in 8h then you(app) request shutdown ... So like this you when you go to store or something like that you only sleep/resume ... But im not shure if you need to do this rooted device...


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      I don't know about hibernating android, but I do use an app called "Autosleeper" by from the Google play store.
      Works excellent. I set my timer to 12 sec.
      Give this a whirl.


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        I use a galaxy tab 3 7 inch with Digital Car..

        I have tasker set up to kill wifi, bt and gps (need root for the gps) when it detects no charger coming in , it also sets the screen timeout to 7 sec.

        IT will also check if sygic and torque are running and kill those apps.

        The only thing that keeps running is Digital Car.

        I also checked the energy saving mode, but I am not sure every android device has this feature.

        When it detects the charger agian it will enable wifi, bt and gps and turn on the screen, DC already has a function to keep the screen alive when charger is connected.

        This setup makes battery drop from 100 to 99% in 5 days (longest I havent used the car with this setup)

        disadvantage is that tasker isn't the easiest app to setup but its by far the most powerful and versatile.

        edit: forgot to mention, if you want to use commands that need root you will need the secure settings addon for tasker
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          First off guys thanks for the quick replies. Well here is exactly what happened. I got my Inelmatic 10.4" raw panel screen ready to install. My fabricator had already made the bezel for it to install in portrait mode. As he was doing some cutting in the car to get more room so my eq could move above the new screen, the screen glass cracked from the vibration/pressure. Yeah I know,at that point I just looked up at the sky and took and very very deep breath and walked away. After I calmed down, he apologized over and over and said he would do all the fabrication for free (which includes moving my ac&eq,fiber glassing and painting) so the tablet could fit. So with this I saw a silver lining rather than send the screen back to japan for a fix @ Inelmatic,just buy a 10" android tablet that fits in the same bezel. That way I don't have to worry about all the USB sensors I was dealing with before with my PC(GPS,Bluetooth, keyboard etc etc) so guys who have already switched over I need your help once again.
          1. I need a way to hook up two USB cords(external HD & thumb drive) to the tablet
          2. Power management: do I just wire the tablet straight to my cigerete lighter wiring (mine turns on and off with car ignition)
          3. So can I use auto sleeper to shut off and auto start the tablet when I start/shut off the car and it keeps the state I was in?
          4. Do tablets work well even in hot/cold conditions or do I have to take it out the car everytime like some people do?
          P.s. I'm looking at the samsung tab s 10.5, if anyone knows where I can get it the cheapest please let me know. Im picking the 10.5 since its close to the size of the monitor I had.
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            the temperature thing depends on your local weather conditions, I couldn't take an educated guess on it right now.
            power management, I tried autosleeper, I hated it but your free to try it out (preferably before you do the install, makes life a lot easier)
            about hooking up 2 usb items , I did a quick search on ebay for a tab s usb hub and found one within 2 minutes ebay objectnr: 390870919417

            Do note that having a hub will not allow you to charge your tablet at the same time
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              Actually i found a simultaneously charge hub.Simultaneous USB Host & Charge for Galaxy Tab 4, Tab S - LAVA TL-002:
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                thats sweet
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                  so now i only have two questions remaining
                  1. Power management: do I just wire the tablet straight to my cigarette lighter wiring (mine turns on and off with car ignition)
                  2. So can I use auto sleeper to shut off and auto start the tablet when I start/shut off the car and it keeps the state I was in?


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                    for power management: yes you can wire your tablet straight to your cigarette lighter since yours turns off when ignition turns off.

                    autosleeper provides a basic sleepstate for your tablet, it will go to sleep but keep all wireless connections alive, so don't expect wonders for you batterylife

                    I tried it but it didn't provide advanced enough options for my taste.

                    As for software , the best way is trial and error to figure out what software you like and don't like , I therefore recommend you install all apps and test them before you permanently install it in your car.
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                      i found another alternative to autosleeper, its called automateit-> , i think i might use this cause i can set any trigger i want, which will be whenever my phone isn't on me the tablet will be off. so incase i drop my car of at a mechanic or anything else the tablet will always be off till my phone connects to it via bluetooth, my phone will be the trigger to wake up and or go to sleep. Just wanted to suggest it and help others out. I also emailed the company that makes the LAVA TL-002: to see if i can add two usb peripherals(external hard drive and usb stick) whilst charging the tablet. hopefully i can


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                        Nice find Morpheus.
                        Didn't see this one. I may take a look see if things start to go haywire.
                        I don't need Tasker, overkill for my needs. Plus I don't want to have to root my tab.
                        Autosleeper does seem to be pretty solid for me at the moment.
                        I don't use my GPS app unless I go traveling/vaction so I keep my GPS built-in off.
                        I don't use any wifi either, stays off too. No need to use pandora, Spotify etc.
                        I have 50+ gig in my micro slot full of everything I listen to in flac, and commercial free too.
                        And I don't use FM/HD radio hooked to my tab, I use my HU for that.
                        I have a x86 intel tab so everthing just works as i don't have the same experiences/problems that others may have.
                        Works perfect for me. Turn off ignition key, go into packy/store etc.
                        Return, start, plays where it left off.
                        And even if I did use my gps etc, that continues where I left off too. Priceless
                        Good luck, and thanks.


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                          How to Manage a low-power state through Tasker. (Root-Required On Tablet)

                          Hello all, its been a while since I posted on here. I dont think Ive been here since I posted a few Android Themes meant for automotive use.
                          Im getting ready to do a rebuild, and thought I would check to see if anyone has any ideas I can snag. I came across this post and thought I would share my method of keeping my tablet charged and in standby mode when the car is off.

                          You are going to need a few Apps to get this done.
                          They all have Tasker plugin features so this is all managed through tasker.

                          Tasker -
                          AutoInput -
                          Secure Settings -
                          Rotation -
                          Screen Standby -

                          Personally I myself no longer root my phone, so I wanted a setup that was geared to this. I dont care about rooting my tablet as it is going to serve a specific purpose.
                          The general idea for this setup is to have the tablet go into a suspended state when Im not in the car. I use Bluetooth to determine if the car is running, and wake the tablet.
                          Full disclosure, the tablet (nexus7 2nd gen) will last a few days in this state without power supplied, BUT I went ahead an tapped one of my fuses for one of my cigarette lighters to provide constant power. I know some people are opposed to this, but as long as you are not a once a week driver this method should still work for you.

                          I have two tasker profiles that make this setup function. The first is for my phone, which is very simple it basically just turns on my mobile hotspot when it connects to my cars bluetooth.
                          The second is for the tablet, and this one is a bit more complex. Again it is triggered by my cars bluetooth. When no bluetooth is connected, it disables wifi and disables the screen. The cool part about disabling the screen is that it does not actually put the tablet to sleep, it simply turns the display off, while still keeping the capacitive portion active, meaning you can turn it back on by touching it. I have the app that controls this set to 10 seconds before turning the display back off.
                          When it is connected to bluetooth, it triggers the display to come on, if the device has gone into standby, it triggers the keyboard key for Space, which in case you did not know unlocks your device from the lockscreen on stock android. Even if you use a lock code you should still be able to use this setup, you just might need to tweek the AutoInput entry to include your key code. Just remember that this entry is faking a bluetooth keyboard being connected, and keys being pressed.
                          After unlocking it sets the display orientation to landscape.

                          I personally use Automate - Car Dashboard for my UI.
                          It does handle a few things on its own that you may need to manage through tasker if you use another launcher. Things like keeping the display always on when in use.

                          Here is the first Tasker Profile for the phone.

                          Here is the Tasker Profile for the Tablet.

                          Place the xml files in the \Tasker\Projects folder for each device.

                          Please make sure to open each of the apps and apply any permissions or settings needed before attempting to run them through tasker.
                          Screen Standby does need a bit of manual tweaking first.
                          1. Screen off methods - Zero Brightness
                          2. One Two Dim Mode - Check EVERYTHING in here except Start on Boot (tasker does this) also set your "Set Time" to your preference (10 secs).

                          If you have any questions, hit me up.