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How to build a custom VCD?

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  • How to build a custom VCD?

    My brother works for a home automation company. Well he brought home a thermostat and board he made. I told he people use those LCD's in the car as an accessory. He told me he gets them for free and he can give me one. We then started to talk and came to the conclusion we need a controler for the LCD. He can build me one.

    What does he need to know to build a controler? What are the pin outs? How is the data written?

    EDIT: I ment VFD. And this LCD has 4 backlights.. I bet my brother can program it to switch colors everytime a song changes.. Or maybe.. switch to RED when are approaching a turn to your destination. Or maybe switch to the street name / turn to red / arrow which way to turn when coming up to a turn.. hmmm

    Veetid have you thought about option "Centrafuse XXE"? XXE would come with a GPS Dongle (bu-303 or something), USB Bluetooth, VFD. Maybe if we get a custom VFD working for CF that u can use with a package? We can mass produce it.. or you could.... hmmm

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    You want to make sure you have a HD44780 controller and use the standard wiring which you should be able to find on the forums here... It is a parallel interface only right now...

    We are not currently planning on selling any hardware, but we might in the future... We have to get the application on the store first

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