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Autoplay turned off but still starting on it's own in 1.1

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  • Autoplay turned off but still starting on it's own in 1.1

    I just upgrade to 1.1 and either I didn't notice before or something really is different but I have both autoplay options turned off (one in general, one in A/V - dont remember the difference)

    but when I go into the media section my music starts playing immediately without hitting the play button.

    I tried re-saving the autoplay settings but still no bueno.

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    Not what either function does...

    Auto Play - This determines if when you insert a CD/DVD/USB media whether it auto starts playing that media.

    Auto Start Music - This determines if when you start Centrafuse it auto starts playing whatever media you were listening to when you closed the application such as Media, Radio, or XM.

    If you click Media and have an old playlist loaded, it will always start playing it.

    Neither of these features disables that.

    A full manual that we have been working very hard on will be posted to the website this week.

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