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  • OBD II thoughts

    My OBD box from AllInOneOBD died and I replaced it with one from OBDPros. HIGHLY recommended btw, it's a much superior product.

    Anyway... I know you're busy David, but I thought I'd mention some stuff that "would be nice to have" in the OBD module. I think some of this stuff has been talked about before, but it's not on the Futures list so...
    1. Custom commands/display
      The OBDPro box has the ability to do much more than an ELM327. It'd be cool for CF to allow defining a command string to send, and then a definition for handling/displaying the return value.

    2. Selectable refresh/scan rate
      Possibly as a part of a custom gauge/element feature, but somehow it'd be nice to be able to increase the scan rate of the module. Right now it's feeling about 10 seconds or more, and that's too slow to keep an eye on things like fuel trims.

    3. Display a "heartbeat" on the OBD screen
      This would beat "on" when the fields are being updated, and off when the update is complete.
    :: Mark

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    those are nice devices, I have one as well... The first and most important thing that needs to be done is ensure it always connects and speed up the refresh rate... then I will look into adding features to it...

    nice ideas though for sure...

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