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Couple of annoyances I've noticed... would like input plz!

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  • Couple of annoyances I've noticed... would like input plz!

    1st annoyance: Seems like Centrafuse does not hide the mouse when the front end is running. I looked through the settings but could not find the option...

    2nd and most annoying annoyance: When clicking the minimize button in centrafuse, it will drop down to the desktop, but the taskbar is gone. It's an extreme annoyance from the pt of view that I have to yank out my keyboard and use that to access the now-invisible taskbar. Also, due to the taskbar being invisible, the only way to get back to centrafuse is by alt-tabbing as double clicking on the Centrafuse icon the desktop does not do anything.

    Anything experience this, or am I the only one?


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    You must not have looked very hard. It's on the very first settings screen. Look under Settings -> General.

    I have not had the issue you mention with Minimize either. Wish I could be more help with that one.
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      I think that 2 things.

      In settings, under General I believe, there is an option to "hide cursor" click yes and save settings.

      The taskbar is hidden probably because you have it setup to. That is also an option. I believe its called just that, "hide taskbar" in the general settings.

      Both those are options I believe, and should fix ur probs.

      Edit: Didnt see someone beat me to it.


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        also I have not updated the known issues, but I have said I will be reshowing the taskbar on minimize if it's hidden in 1.12 coming out in a matter of days...

        both through the updater and a new installer...

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          where is the minimize button? that woulda been useful on my last trip, lol