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    So before you gangrape me...
    Ok so let's say I want to listen to all of my songs by little waynea and birdman, I use the plus button to add all the albums, then I hit the checkbox and they start playing. now let's say i go back and want to make a new playlist with a few dave matthews albums. if i use the plus button to add a few of these albums, they just go into the queue after all my previously selected songs, so once I hit the checkbox, i've got a playlist with ALL the
    songs. i dont know if i'm just using this feature incorrectly, but maybe we need to have a way to create a new playlist and add new songs into it from the search or browse screens....

    EDIT: so I played around a little bit, and I guess the way to start a new playlist is hit the big play button on the left while selecting any album,artist, etc. and then THAT album only will load up into a new playlist. you can THEN go back into the search and use the plus buttons to add to the current playlist....

    david, are any changes going to be made in this department, or is this how it will be? i still don't fully understand how the queue works.
    play now on the left always just creates a new playlist with whatever is highlighted...

    Go into you library... Then click on playlists, then highlight Queue, then click the "-" button...
    This will clear your queue...
    Then click on library and go find artists/genres/albums/songs you like and hit the "+" sign, they will be added to your queue...when you are done click the save icon and name the playlist..
    if you want to add songs to the playlist, simply load it up, all the songs will be in the queue already, add a few new songs/albums or whatever, then click save again...To play the playlist go to playlists, enter playlists, highlight the playlist, and hit play now...

    Originally Posted by Brent25 View Post
    Hey guys ive tried for a while but cant work out how to add songs to an existing playlist while it is in use and have it update without having to reload the playlist. Is this even possible?

    after you have added a few items to the Queue with the "+" in my library, if you go back into my library you can add more items with "+" and hit the check box for OK and it will add them to the bottom of your queue, or current playing list...if you want to overwrite an existing playlist to have these always be there simply hit the save button, it will popup with the name, hit ok, and yes to overwrite...
    Bits and pieces from the literature review on Playlists in the Centrafuse forum.

    It just isn't happening. Printed that out, played in the car ... had the relevant pages of the user manual also printed. Adding songs to an existing playlist just isn't happening. I am at the end of my wits. Any way making a more idiot proof explanation ? Or do I just have to reinstall centrafuse ? I am not running 1.11 or whatever the most recent one is...but something available on the site in late January. Maybe some bugs were worked out since ?