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No Sound From DVD Playback. Help!

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  • No Sound From DVD Playback. Help!

    Hello all,
    I am completing my install and am having a problem in that there is no sound played during DVD playback. I installed PowerDVD on my carpc and here are symptoms:

    1. Playing DVD within Centrafuse plays VIDEO fine, but NO SOUND.
    2. Playing DVD with Windows Media Player 9 plays SOUND fine, but no VIDEO.
    3. Playing DVD with PowerDVD software plays fine, both video and audio.

    I am using Panasonic slotloading DVD drive in a USB enclosure. Can anyone help with any suggestions? I've been stuck on this for 1/2 day now, been tried everything I could think of... Thanks...

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    Uninstalled PowerDVD Trial and installed WinDVD Trial. Everything works now, having other issues, such as DVD in Centrafuse gets sort of locked when iGuidance Plugin / GPS is running, but that's another problem for another thread...