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How do I create a button in CF to exit Skinbedder?

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  • How do I create a button in CF to exit Skinbedder?


    Not sure if this is correct but I'm trying to use Skinbedder to overlay iGuidance on CF. It's going okay but I don't know how to get rid of the overlay screen. Skinbedder still runs in the background.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Skinbedder will remain running as long as the embedded app (iGuidance in your case) is running.

    The way it works, I believe, is that as soon as your embedded app (iG) quits, then SkinBedder will also quit running. You don't close Skinbedder, you close the embedded app... that's what should trigger sb to close.

    If I recall correctly, attempting to manually close SB will make things go awry.... but I might be wrong.
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      Thanks a lot for your response. I found out if I exit out CF, the Skinbedder window will close. But if I exit out iGuidance through its own exit method, then Skinbedder remains running. If I kill Skinbedder via task manager, yes, it gives a few memory address errors, then eventually it prompts for end task.