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Creating Playlists + Sync Music automatically

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  • Creating Playlists + Sync Music automatically

    Is is possible to create playlists on my desktop then transfer them to my carputer?

    Also is there anyway to make my carputer automatically sync music by WiFi with my desktop pc?

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    if you use the same directory structure for your music, playlists should be transeferable

    so, if you store your music on c:\music on your home pc and create a playlist, the playlist looks for that music on c:\music

    if your music is stored on your car pc on c:\music aswell in the same folders and subfolders as on your home pc (i.e. if you just copied the entire c:\music from home to car pc then the playlist will work as the files are in the same place

    i.e. file one would be c:\music\coldplay\yellow.mp3 in the list

    as long as your yellow.mp3 is in that localtion it will work if it was somewhere else then it wouldnt

    hope that makes sense


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      Search for utility called EZSync
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        Ok I can write a program that creates the PlayLists to point at the right path (different drives, different folder on drive, but same directory structure)

        OK What format does the playlist need to be in? and how do i open a playlist?


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          The playlists are just text files in the Playlist folder...

          Also on the flux forums in the plugins section there is a nice Sync plugin that has been made...

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