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  • Some little tidbits

    ok, some things i've noticed/think should be fixed. certain parts could probably go into different sections of this forum but i really dont feel like making a new topic for each.

    1. when the setting for hide the taskbar is checked, and you use the new minimize button, you have no taskbar and cannot get back into cf without some fancy mumbo jumbo unbeknownst to me.

    2. upon installing the volume plugin, no name shows up in my settings menu. it is just a blank button in the middle of the others, that's the only way i even thought to click it.

    3. have the plugins load before the startup sound. this way, if you are using auto-volume you do not have a super loud startup tune followed by quiet music.

    4. i'm still having problems with obd connectivity through my elms 323. i can log right out of cf and start it up fine(with the same exact settings) with's software.

    5. have the search feature work for incomplete queries. like if im looking for tenacious d, let me type in ten and have it display a list of all artists that begin with that.

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    Just about everything you have said has been fixed or updated in the upcoming release...

    The Volume plugin issues need to be sent to Stric to be fixed... Please send him an email with the issues you are having...

    The hide taskbar and OBDII issues should be fixed as well as partial queries should already work...

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