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  • Stuck in Building Controls...


    I have Centrafuse working for few days, and just tonight I've decided to try running it in Shell mode. While it worked okay, I was trying to get out of the Shell mode but ever since, it's not working anymore.

    It's stuck in building controls now when I launch CF. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmm, it's getting pretty bad! I'm running Windows TabletPC edition and now the TabletPC applet doesn't come up anymore. Can't bring up Task Manager once CF is running and get stuck.


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      This was a known issue in 1.11, try updating with the patch posted in the end of the Bugs thread for 1.11

      This was a bad internet detection method that has been fixed..

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        Thank you David, I had that problem initially and by updating the patch, it worked. The problem that I was reporting earlier was a new one, but I saved an image of the CarPC so I restored it last night, all seems well so far.

        I probably did something stupid in the registry trying to tweak the system and screwed something up Up 3am in the morning probably not a good thing

        All is well now but definitely the patch fixed the Internet problem.