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    Sometimes when I upload a bunch of new songs by various artists and in different albums into CF, it would be VERY nice to have a way to play the most recently added songs without having to go into the library and add each one into a playlist manually. would it be very hard to add this feature for an extra playlist, organized by date created? i view my music this way in my 'my music' folder and it succeeds at putting the newest music up top. any love on this one? im sure im not the only one who would enjoy this feature...

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    Click/Hold the playlist button would be a nice way to bring up the most recently added songs...
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      it is in our future features thread... We plan to implement multiple automatic playlists such as:

      "Top 20 Most Played", "Never Played", "Top 50 most recently played", "Top 10 Most recently added to library"

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