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    David... Once again Congratulations on a fine release (New dest engine is super cool)

    I posted a thred a while ago (CF1.5 i think) where i had problems opening web-mail in the web browser,
    when i go to http://62.244.***.**/exchange i get page cannot be displayed.
    It should open a new window with the password / username box.
    Tried disabling the pop up thing (In cf) and also tried to embedd IE as an external app (works then but the window is very loose)
    .. Outlook accesses our mail via a VPN so im not sure the mail plugin will work for me.

    ... Can I...
    1 make the CF web display what i need ?
    2 Embedd IE with a tight window ?

    3 How can i get the E-mail function to work for me ?

    (PS i'm stupid, please bear this in mind when replying !)



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    You can embedd IE as an external application and use it for surfing. I did the same with Firefox and it works very good.


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      I would think it would be easier to embed an email client (Outlook Express or Thunderbird) into CF as opposed to trying to use the Exchange web app (which is garbage to begin with, IMHO).

      Granted, external email access through a stock email client may not be possible with your Exchange server. I think it's worth investigating, though.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Mail Access

        Thanks Guys....

        Thanks for the quick replys..
        Embedding Outlook or IE is one solution but when i do (either or) the app opens in full screen (on top of CF) and is very "Loose".. i guess im doing somthing (or not) with the External.xml file

        Heres what i have :-

        <APPLICATION APPNAME="outlook">
        <PATH>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\outlook.EXE</PATH>
        <PARAMETERS />
        <LINECONTROL />

        Its the same with IE (Sorry here if I'm doing somthing really stupid)

        Thanks Again


        "I wonder if it will F**k it up if we do this...... Oh Yea it did !"


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          The problem is that Outlook uses dynamic window names. Thats why CF cant embedd it. But i think outlook isnt the best solution for email client on a carpc (memory usage and so on)..

          Edit: My outlook always starts with the windows name "Inbox - Microsoft Outlook", thats setted wrong in your external.xml. Simply check the windowname from ur outlook and write it in the external.xml. Maybe its working with this way..


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            Dynamic Window Names...

            Hi & Thanks...

            Yep that was it... i set up IE with the web mail window name and it fits well, unfortunatly after you enter your password the name changes so it goes all floppy again !!...

            Is there anyway to embedd dynamic window names ?...

            (This is fun)




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              how bout thunderbird ??

              personally , im just waiting for the web fix and set my homepage to with auto login