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    I just got mappoint working with the config.xml europe=false setting.

    I'm a little confused about what's on the screen. If I hit the squarish button in the upper right it shows a split screen 70/30 with a map up top and a map below as well. The other menu options (day/night/terrain/political) seem to only affect the bottom 30% of the screen. I'm not able to move the split up higher so I can see more of the bottom screen which is really what I want to see. Is there any documentation for this or can somebody explain what I'm experiencing?

    also - i noticed mappoint.exe is using up to 40% CPU when I have it selected as my navigation engine. I have a via m10k. is this normal? I already have enough trouble playing WMAs with high CPU load. I dont think i'll be able to do navigation and music at the same time.

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    The MapPoint plugin is not completed yet. I believe it was thrown in last minute for release 1.12 to show that different map engines could be used. David stated in another thread that he intends to have someone fully develop the MapPoint plugin in the future, but for now what you see is what you get.
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