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Centrafuse 1.13 Release Notes

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  • Centrafuse 1.13 Release Notes

    Important Notes
    1. uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before installing the latest release
    2. when listening to Radio or XM, voice recognition will not properly work unless you have a USB or Bluetooth microphone, this is due to buffering/recording
    3. when I refer to adding parameters to the application it is best to add it to your desktop shortcut in this format, make sure parameters go outside the quotes: "C:\Documents and Settings\David\Desktop\Centrafuse\centrafuse.exe" -nowarning -nolimit

    New Features
    1. added HQCT config XML which allows you to set Bass, Treble, Loudness, Volume, and Seek Sensitivity
    2. added support for the Silabs USB radio, provided by MediaCar Australia
    3. removed rebuild button on the rebuild dialog, it starts rebuilding as soon as it loads with a cancel button
    4. added support for IMAP in email client
    5. email client works with TLS/SSL
    6. added multiple sound card support, you can set the music device and the record device to any sound card on the system
    7. added car in motion check to web links
    8. added additional main page with 6 extra button actions
    9. improved SMS message reading in phone

    Bugs Fixed
    1. removed disable navigation option in settings, it was no longer used
    2. Cinergy600 support has been fixed
    3. license files are properly removed when application is uninstalled
    4. fixed single click issue not loading favorites
    5. fixed adding all favorites to queue
    6. XM properly un-mutes audio when a phone call ends
    7. fixed loading of MapPoint 2006 navigation engine
    8. fixed rounding issue in navigation turn by turn list
    9. navigation map no longer shows ontop setup screen when entering setup from navigation
    10. keyboard control works in navigation, it no longer takes focus
    11. HDD and CD playlist switching properly works, the count stays correct
    12. deleting web favorites properly works
    13. navigation misplaced dialog no longer appears at the bottom of the map in fullscreen
    14. navigation 2D/3D and Day/Night settings are properly saved
    15. email client properly shows the body of the email
    16. fixed date issues with email client
    17. fixed error on first load when changing imperial to metric
    18. fixed navigation not remembering previous route
    19. fixed navigation not remembering map location
    20. fixed issue with XM not starting after hibernating from Media with XM loaded
    21. improved speed when loading navigation cities, streets, and postal codes
    22. fixed navigation address searching, previous addresses that could not be found properly work
    23. fixed navigation address number searching, you no longer have to use a leading zero, 9 goes to 9 in the list
    24. fixed issue with volume getting stuck and causing system errors
    25. fixed issue with fast forward and rewind getting stuck and causing system errors

    01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
    M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210