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My Problems with CF - choppy playback, voice control, and VFD

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  • My Problems with CF - choppy playback, voice control, and VFD

    not sure if this would qualify as a bug, but it is a problem I have so here it is.

    I have CF v1.2 unning (not as shell) on my p4 running XP at 1600mhz with 256mb ram. my audio playback is choppy, stutters, drags, plays slow and otherwise sounds like fingernails scraping accross a chalkboard every time anything else is going on with my pc. god forbid I should minimize CF and open a folder for browsing.

    is it just me? or should this run better than that?
    it allways used to run fine(slow, but fine) with very little if any stuttering.
    now its slow and sloppy. anyone else experiencing this?

    next on the list, = Voice control. I went through a lot of trouble running the wires to discretely install a microphone in my dash so I could finally control CF with a mic:
    "computer, Next Track" etc.

    but it doesnt seem to want to work for me. I downloaded msttss22L.exe
    from microsoft and installed it, but that seems more like a text to speech program than a voice input application.
    some help here would be great.

    and finally, I still havent got my character LCD to work with CF. Ive even made shortened my cables by a ways now that my pc is hidden in the dash rather than the trunk. once again, my character lcd works fine when used with lcdcenter, but doesnt work at all with CF. it worked perfectly well a few versions ago, but with the new version, its not wokring.

    again, any help will be appreciated.

    Ive even mailed one of my lcds to David to see if he could get it to work.
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    I had the CF demo installed on a Celeron 600 with 256mb of ram and it played smoothly. You may want to look at optimizing some of the windows stuff. Be sure to set it so that it's not using any graphical stuff and go back to the win2k style desktop.
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      THe likely cause of your choppy playback is the machine having to page memory to and from your harddisk constantly due to running out of physical memory (thrashing).

      I would recommend popping another 256MB in as I believe it will make a world of difference for you.
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        I would say with all the options you have enabled moving up to 512 of RAM will solve all your choppy issues...

        To get Voice working click the link to download voice at and get the file SpeechSDK51.exe

        I am looking into what happened with the VFD code and it will be fixed in the next update...

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          re: vfd, thanks david. I'll be crossing my fingers and saving my pennies

          I really think 256mb should be enough ram for a carputer. its not like it is going to be used for games or anything. besides, restoring from hibernation is so much faster with only 256 than with 512.

          I went into my sound device control panel and turned the hardware accellerationand sample rate conversion quality down to lowest in hopes to curb the stutter. I havent had any driving to do since then tho so the verdict is still out.

          I will look into doing the same thing to the display options. no need for any bells and whistles there. screen is too small to see em anyway.
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