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Centrafuse Problems - GPS, Voice Recognition, Freezing

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  • Centrafuse Problems - GPS, Voice Recognition, Freezing


    I am having a couple of problems with Centrafuse that keep occuring. I've been using Centrafuse for over a year, and I'm willing to buy it soon, but I have too many problems with it to justify that yet.

    1) GPS is intermittant.

    This is the biggest problem. The GPS is unreliable for me. I'm using a Microsoft USB mouse (one that came with Streets & Trips a year or two ago). It works occasionally, and then part way through a route, the GPS feed seems to disappear. Rebooting doesn't seem to help, as at that point there is 0 0 satellites. Powering off, or unplugging the USB gps mouse, does not help either. I've done 10 reboots in a ra row before, and then all of a sudden it started working.

    I even started using Xport 3 tand that doesnt seem to have helped.

    What's going on?

    2) Voice recognition has never worked for me. I installed athe SDK, voices, etc. I can train it with my USB microphone, and it seems to work in Windows just fine. In centrafuse, I can set a keyword. But then in the probgram, when I say it it doesnt pick up at all. It would be helpful if a little light came on the screen when it hears the keyword, to signify that it's been said.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    3) Every once in a while, the entire system will freeze up while I'm driving. I don't see any logs that signify problems on the system. How can I diagnose this?

    Once these issues are resolved, I will be buying Centrafuse.


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    GPS mouse

    Hi Kevin

    I had the same issue with my Holux GPS mouse. I had it placed on the dashboard. It was getting too hot. I would hold it in front of a A/C vent a wallah it would work after a while. Try moving it out of the sun and see if that helps.



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      You have voice enabled in Settings\Voice right?

      Try another GPS receiver if possible and see if the problem persists...

      After a system freeze see if there is a file LocalAppData\Centrafuse\error.log to post or email to support...

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