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    What is the status with the XM radio plug-in? I am willing to work on the code if you have it in a seperate plugin that I can get to. I am a little ticked off at the lack of priority that this has taken. I have what is for the most part a really cool app, however, one of the two things that I use on a regular basis, looks and operates like crap. I have actually held off on installing the full program that I paid $300 until this is fixed. I plan to sell it if it is not fixed in a reasonable amount of time and get whatever I can for it, since you don't offer refunds. This is most definitly a software issue, there was one build, I think it was 1.13 where XM worked perfectly. My system reverted to a trial mode and I have about 10 days left. I know that you are probably slammed, however, to me from the lack of forum activity and patches that you have done a take the money and run routine. I have 3 friends that want me to build systems for them. I would love to use your app and give you the revenue you definitly deserve. I don't want something for nothing, am I glad to pay full price, I just want to get what I paid for. I think it would help even if you posted once a week with the current open issues and what the status is.


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    That and sirius would be great as well.


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      I have been very very busy lately and have not had all the time I needed for coding... I have two developers that started working at the first of this week and I plan to add 4 more for future features as soon as possible...

      The SatRadio has been fully pulled out and turned into a plugin and a developer has started working on it as of this week... I also plan to try to get Sirius added to this initial plugin as well... You should see a plugin to start testing hopefully within 2 weeks...

      I plan to post all the known issues and what has been fixed by the end of this week.. I should have the next 3 weeks or more to be able to code a lot more than I have been and get an update released within a few weeks as well as have SatRadio fixed...

      I will also have a couple of developers starting a few new nice feature additions and they will be coming soon...

      Please bear with us as we built out our support, my traveling slows down, and we increase staff...


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