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  • Network Stumbler Plugin

    Hi there,
    i just downloaded network stumbler and i am having 2 problems with it in CF,

    1) If im using the network card to connect to a network via the network cards defaulf application then it seems that net stumbler cant see the wireless card (because its in use by another application)

    2) I have GPS in the car i would also like to get this working with net stumbler but when CF loads up it connects to GPS via Com 4 then when i try to connect to net stumber is says it cant find the GPS (becase CF is connected to it via com 4)

    Any ideas?

    is it possible to use net stumbler as a wirelss connector appliaction, (E.G. find a network and double click to connect or something?)


    ok i got the xport thing working so i can split the com 4 into 2+ apps, now to try figure out the rest