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Changing the harddrive?

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  • Changing the harddrive?

    I have a short question.

    I am about to purchase the licence for the Centrafuse and I'm in the process of building my carpc.

    So far I have a 80GB harddrive waiting for the installation and it should be enough space.

    But if I decide to swap the harddrive with a bigger one, what happens with the activation code for Centrafuse?

    On the new harddrive everything is going to be reinstalled (win xp, other software including centrafuse).

    Can I use the same activation code or do i need to buy another one?

    Thank you for your help.

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    1.20 was pretty strict, this has been relaxed in later version such as 1.40, which was removed due to a memory issue...

    1.42 will be out soon which also has the more relaxed activation...

    Either way if you change out hardware and your online activation does not work, you will also be able to email support and have it all worked out...

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