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Is there any way we can add our own GPS voice commands in Centrafuse?

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  • Is there any way we can add our own GPS voice commands in Centrafuse?

    I have some other voices that i would like to use rather than the standard "English UK" lady that reads out my turn by turn directions but i don't know how to change voices. Will there be any support for this in future releases of centrafuse?

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    also... the current files are .spx and when played they are garbled or sound like it is stuttering. I have searched this forum for answers and found one other person with the problem but no way to fix it. Apparently if the files are changed to .wav it will fix it but i tried it and it didn't play the audio file at all... does anyone else have this problem?


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      ok i have fixed the prob, it seems it will still work if the .spx files are converted to .wav. I just accidently made a mistake in the file name.
      Has anyone else noticed the gps voice stutter?


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        yes, sometimes...

        renaming the files to wav fixes it? do i have to convert them or just rename them?


        Dj NRG


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          Yeh it fixed it! it is soo annoying having each direction stutter. I converted them all to .wav files and it worked perfect! I think it does this becuase the computer requires more resourses to play .sfx (speex files) than it would for .wav files... and i run a VIA SP13000 which only has a 1.3Ghz crappy embedded processor and 1Gb of ram.


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            i searched the internet for a program that would do it and came up with Ease Audio Converter. the trial will only convert 5 files at one time and then 30 all up then the trial is over. so i just installed it on another pc and converted the rest and i was done!


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              I will look to do this by default...

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                I sometimes have the stuttering issue also but I'm glad to hear this is being looked into.
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