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Considering switching to CF: some questions

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  • Considering switching to CF: some questions

    Hi All,
    I'm contemplating a switch over to CF, and have a couple of questions. I read the manual, and did some searching here, but am just not clear on these issues. Any pointers are greatly appreciated:
    1. NAVIGATION - it sounds to me like it is possible to use different navigation packages with CF. I see a plugin for Mappoint, and posts about embedding iGuidance (I think). If you use your own navigation package - do you have to purchase the NAV version of CF?
    2. NAVIGATION - if it's possible to use different NAV - has anyone been able to embed CoPilot to date?
    3. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS - is it possible to use / assign keystrokes to access the various menus and functions of CF? How? Are defaults documented somewhere?
    4. VOICE RECOGNITION - is it built in? Is there documentation about what is accessible?

    5. RADIO: Is there a recommended / supported radio for CF? Is HD radio available?

    I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions as time goes on :-) Thanks for the help.


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    If you use your own navigation package - do you have to purchase the NAV version of CF?
    Found the answer in the Mappoint add-in download:

    This plug-in is intended to provide a more costeffective
    navigation solution than XLE or for users who may already have MapPoint


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      if you do not use integrated navigation all you need is SE or XE... other plugins can be created, as well as any external application can be run or embedded if possible...

      keyboard shortcuts work and can be assigned to most all actions, you can see a list of all shortcuts and easily change them from Centrafuse settings, hotkeys section...

      support if SAPI is installed is included within Centrafuse...

      a list of supported radios is listed in Centrafuse Radio settings...

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