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    I'm new here, so a Hello!!! to all.
    I want to buy Centrafuse XLE, but i din't see how it works.
    How can i get a trial version of Centrafuse XLE.
    Opel Astra Caravan 1.7 CDTI/ Y17DT.
    Bucharest / Romania

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      Originally posted by SKiTLz View Post Downloads button
      i try that area but there you can download a version that not contain all the Europe maps.I want to try and see if the GPS maps for eastern Europe are good.Only XLE version contains eastern Europe maps.That why i want to try XLE version.
      Can anybody help me???
      Opel Astra Caravan 1.7 CDTI/ Y17DT.
      Bucharest / Romania


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        Map data isn't free, plain and simple.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          This was my question 24 hrs befor to ...

          ... and today on By the way, tha last was more expensive, we need a to change the whole original controll and navi of Nissan Primera Tekna 2002.

          Hope, they will be answer. On the actual state of things, the Centrafuse make more beta look than final status. Phone controll works, like i see, not with mine phone good together, only one nuber call, receive call - thats all, no inputs from inside of phones lists. Other phones like i see have problems too.
          Maps are not realy to test - how can i test it, if i am not in my location in the area, thas was shiped wit CF trial inside? How can i see, how it works, if i cannot test the search success and navigation properties of locations, where i need to drive in? How can i test it, if i do not know, if the maps are so doof arranged (separated maps, only one active in the time), like in the Wayfinder (extremely bad solution, now to find under Nokia too), or if the maps are so precise and completely active all in the time as by Navigator 8?

          Yess, without test the CF with all the maps of my region, i cannot pay for it. Good to know the termin for CF 3.0. End trial with all maps pls!!!



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            Maps are segmented???!!!

            A user (i dont know, if on this forum - i read yesterday more than hundred threads on different forums) give an answer, that the maps of Destinator are segmented. If so, it is not a solution for me, so poor, as Wayfinder. (Used by Map application on Nokias N800/N810 maemo tablets - have still installed, maps very good and precise, navigation between 2 towns on 20 km distance unpossibble, because in 2 different map segments.

            A way, to make an user configurable interface to other navi softwares, not Destinator only si for me the best way to solve this problem. I prefer Navigator 8, all maps are active together, without switching between separated maps, have tested on my laptop - to this time the best. Can be used with Ride Runner actually.

            So my problem at this time:
            - either Ride Runner with good navi (Navigator 8/9) but without working phone support!
            - or Centrafuse with working phone support (make call, receive call) and in the trial not tested, may be segmented map navigation!?

            I read here, that "maps are not free" - you mean first pay near 170 Euro (yes, the Bluetooth interface of Centrafuse is a trialware too - then you can test it full, and if the maps and navi are not so good, what can i do??? Please, what??? Can i retour the software???

            Thank you,


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              The maps are segmented and the Destinator engine can come up with some crazy routes. Other nav software has been and can be integrated into CF2 (i.e. iGuidance and Garmin Mobile PC). I'm not sure about Navigator 8/9, but I'm sure it can be done. And I believe it should be easier to integrate in CF3. I have CF2 with Nav but switched to iGuidance. Personally, I would recommend staying away from the nav version.

              as for "maps are not free"...I don't they will be able to release them for trial versions. Something to do with licensing.