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    I installed WinDVD 8 and then tried playing a DVD through Centrafuse. The video is fine, but the audio is very strange. I can hear music and sound effects loud and clear, but voices are very hard to hear. It's almost like the center channel is being muted. If I play the DVD through the WinDVD application, the sound is fine. Any ideas how to fix this?

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    does this happen with all DVD's?

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      Yes. I tried several to be sure. It almost seems like CF is treating my speakers like they're a 5.1 setup with no center channel rather than just stereo. I played around with the WinDVD application and was able to replicate the results by setting it up as a "6 speaker" configuration and reducing the center channel. I'm running 1.47 (in case you wanted to know). Thanks for taking a look at this.


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        I tried playing the DVD through another application, and it seems to be doing the same thing as CF. Seems the sound only plays correctly when I use the actual WinDVD application. Going to try uninstalling it and trying a different version to see if it's the codec that's the problem.


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          Got it... the problem was with my AC3 decoder (ffdshow - installed with k-lite codec pack). When it was installed, it assumed I had a 5.1 setup by default. I went back through and told it I only had a stereo setup (2.0 speakers). DVDs sound perfect now in CF. Just posting this here in case someone else comes across a similar problem.


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            To add to this, I am having problems with the low DVD sound volume. V1.47
            I thought this was fixed.
            Thank you
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