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Old Centrafuse Crashes When Set As Shell!?!?

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  • Old Centrafuse Crashes When Set As Shell!?!?

    Tired of having to pull the hard drive out every 30 days for the CF trial. Im using the very first Centrafuse until the app is completed. But when set to shell it crashes. I remember a program call CMD DIR or somthing like that, where you set that program as the shell and it can load Centrafuse for you. Any help on where to find that app or how to fix the shell problem. Thanks.
    1997 Acura CL (Capacitive Touch, GPS, DVD, HD Radio, Backup Camera)

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    I think it's kinda' weird that you're looking for support on something that you openly admit bypassing the trial protection to use.

    You waiting on CF to be "completed" is a smokescreen... Windows/OS X/Ubuntu isn't "completed", my favorite email app isn't "completed", the compilers I use to build my uncompleted apps aren't "completed"...

    I hope that CF is never "completed", and that David and Crew continue to find new things to put in it and make what's there even better.
    :: Mark


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      Couldn't agree with midiwall more. I BOUGHT Centrafuse before the new phone module was completed. I need the phone to work but, it doesn't yet. From what I've seen here, I have every confidence that it will. So, I made sure to give Fluxmedia my money.

      I want them to keep fixing bugs; big ones and the little niggling ones. I want them to continue to add features. I want them to continually make the product better. I want them to continue to add support to software and hardware that I'd never even considered interfacing with my Carputer before. I may not use them all but, options are always good.

      They can't do any of this without our support. And yes, by "support" I mean our money. That's what makes this world go 'round. I have no problem paying good money for a good product. And, after having used this software, I feel that that's exactly what I've done here.

      Keep up the great work guys!

      2003 Lexus SC430 - Black with Ecru. VaisTech & NavTool with Centrafuse integrated into factory nav screen (hands-free Bluetooth, Voice Command, mp3's, videos, HD Radio, Sirius Sat. radio, DVD, Internet, & digital gauges (via OBD-II)), & LuxLink module.


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        Ive used centrafuse since day one untill i seen how much it actually cost...cant afford that right now...not trying to scam anybody here just trying to get the old centrafuse to work as shell...if anyone has a way to do so please post...thanks..
        1997 Acura CL (Capacitive Touch, GPS, DVD, HD Radio, Backup Camera)