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Radio FM issue while resuming from hibernate

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  • Radio FM issue while resuming from hibernate

    I've a problem with Radio FM when I resume from hibernate, following what's happen:

    1. while I'm listening FM Radio I place the PC into hibernate state
    2. I resume the pc
    3. as soon as the pc is alive again, I don't hear the memorized station, but I hear only noise.
    4. I push 2 or 3 time the momory buttons and the station return tuned.
    5. Sometimes this procedure is not enought and I have to restart centrafuse in order to listen my memorized station.

    My configuration is:
    - HW: Terratec Cinergy 600
    - SW: Radiator

    does someone have the same problem and found a solution?

    Thank you,
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    is this using the buffer in radio? try to disable the radio buffer in Settings and see if it stops...

    are you running the latest release?

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      I have disabled the radio buffer and the issue has been quite reduced, it's not needed to restart centrafuse, but it is still needed changing the memorized station, because as soon as the resume is completed the first sound heard is noise and not the previously memorized station.
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