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  • Switch between video and music

    I downloaded yesterday the FC demo just to see if it really works that good as poeple say.

    Until know it looks and reacts very well.
    But still have some question.

    First of all, if I want to change from music to Video (not DVD) the I need first to go the library and then VIDEO's to see my list of movies.

    But If I want to switch back to music I need to do the same all over again.
    That means that I can not go back to the latest listened album right away.

    If I use RoadRunne I can switch from music to video and get back to music, and RR then continue playing the song I was listening before swtching.
    I wonder if this is also p[ossible with CF

    Second question is:
    How do I disable Destinator inside CF?
    I use Sygic but somehow the program does not recognize my GPS receiver.

    If I start RR where I also use Sygic the GPS works right away.

    Thats why I think that Destinator is the problem.
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    about first issue,
    any new compilation, included video clips, is cached, in fact you can see an increasing indicator on the second button on the left (below the "My library" button).

    If you click the "eject" simbol you unload the currently compilation, but if you click the "cube" simbol you switch form a compilation to another one.

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      for the second, go to Settings/Navigation and on the last page set Navigation Engine to NONE...

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