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reset the trail? car was off the road for the duration :(

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  • reset the trail? car was off the road for the duration :(

    hi all, i installed centra fuse on my car pc, before i actually put it in the car to make sure everything was working, as once it was in the car, there was no way of updateing/accessing the network or internet.

    but now ive got it in the car and running properly the trial has run out and i didnt get to use it for more than 5 mins!

    can anyone tell me howto 'reset' the trial period? im sure its not ment to be done, but theres no way im buying the full version after just 5 mins of testing.. im sure if i just re-install it it'll keep saying the trialy has run out.. done anyone know what i can do?


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    i know reformatting the computer will do the trick, but that takes forever sometimes. i had to a few weeks ago because my gps drivers got messed up and would work anymore and i tried everything.

    also are you using 1.2? if you are when you upgrade to 1.47 you get another 30 days.

    also 2.0 will be coming out soon, and u get another 30 days from that. but when it comes out ill be buying mine....
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      well, ive heard talk of all these other versions, but on the web site i can only find the 1.2 version..

      if anyone can point me to 1.47 i'd be gratefull..

      plus, formatting would be a real paint, as i'd have to get the pc out from behind the dash to hook up a cd drive and install windows again and i'd have to copy across all my music and videos..


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        CF 1.47
        02' JETTA 1.8T | WORKLOG ALBUM