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  • Centrafuse 2.0 RC1

    Here is Centrafuse 2.0 RC1

    This release is being provided as a FREE update to Centrafuse 1.20+. Unless you have XLE, we recommend that you uninstall all previous version of Centrafuse and all previous plugin installs before installing 2.0 RC1. However, you may run the install over your existing installation to keep your maps, settings and current configuration intact.

    To upgrade your 1.20 license to a 2.0 license, visit your My Account page. If you do not see your license key on your My Account, please contact Support.

    From the My Account page, click the UPGRADE KEY link below to produce your new 2.0 license key. To install the Release Candidate for 2.0, download and install directly over your current 1.20 version. If you have the XLE version installed, the 2.0 installer will recognize this and leave your maps and settings intact.

    Centrafuse 2.0 RC1 contains many new features and bug fixes for issues found in CF 1.20+. It has also been converted to use the .NET 2.0 Framework. Please note that this version is a release candidate. It should be expected that there will be issues surfacing on various systems. With your help and feedback, we will continually be working through these issues and hope to be able to provide updates weekly or bi-weekly. Read the Release Notes for the complete list of new features.

    Release Notes

    Important Notes

    * This version is a release candidate, and contains many new features. It should be expected that there will be issues surfacing on various systems. With the help of users, we will be working to resolve these issues quickly and hope to be able to provide updates weekly or bi-weekly.

    * This version includes a Bluetooth Stack, and it will take over and become the default "driver" for your bluetooth device if you currently have one installed and working with another stack. Anyone using bluetooth for things such as mice, GPS receivers, etc, will need to re-set these devices up in the new stack's Windows GUI.

    * All 3rd-party plugins should reference the new cfplugin.dll and be recompiled under .NET 2.0

    * Settings are now defaulted to show the Basic Settings mode. Advanced Settings can be enabled in 2 ways.
    To enable Advanced Settings temporarily, hold down the "+" button in the Main Settings Screen for 8 seconds.
    To permanently enable Advanced Settings, similar to older version of CF, pass the -advsettings command line option when starting Centrafuse.

    * Each settings group that used to hold a Line-In value and had Buffer functionality will now hold a Record-Line-In value and a Playback-Line-In value, which will work with Buffer On, and Buffer Off, respectively.

    * Basic Event Logging has been added to better help us diagnose user issues. Event Logging can be enabled in General Settings (an advanced setting), or can be enabled by passing the -logevents command line option when starting Centrafuse.

    * The Bluetooth stack provided with RC1 is a trial version and currently has a 5 MB transfer limit. If after a few phone calls the Bluetooth stops working, you will need to restart your PC to re-initialize the Bluetooth driver. This is only a limitation of the BlueSoleil trial edition within this Release Candidate and will not have this limitation when officially released.

    * iPhone users - Pairing to Centrafuse must be initiated from the iPhone. There is an issue with the iPhone software that will not allow Centrafuse to initiate the pairing process.

    New Features

    * Uses .NET 2.0 Framework
    * Integrated Phone and Bluetooth stack, more info available soon in Phone sub-forum
    * EQ has been updated with common frequencies
    * Improved mixer and soundcard control
    * Added control to use the mixer with multiple soundcards to control multiple zones from one mixer
    * Click Level button in Mixer to list and select sound cards to control
    * Volume Control improved for XP and full support for Vista
    * Gestures (customizable)
    * iPod integration (iTunes NOT required)
    * HD Radio Support (using MJS adapter)
    * Touch-anywhere to scroll in Web browser
    * Double-tap for full screen in Web browser
    * Push-to-talk voice recognition
    * License key de-activation
    * New Settings modes, Basic/Advanced
    * Media import when inserting USB stick
    * Direct buttons to Music, Videos, and Pictures on Main Screen
    * Touch the current playing track to return to Media Player
    * Remembers Play/Pause state of media player when exiting
    * Basic event logging to help track down specific user issues - defaults to Off
    * Smooth Main Title Scrolling - defaults to Off (CPU intensive)
    * Enhanced Graphics mode - defaults to Off (slightly CPU intensive)
    * Select input soundcard for voice control
    * Open email attachments with external applications

    Bugs Fixed

    * CD and USB playlist counts are off after system resume
    * Remembers song list position when scrolling list when song changes
    * DVD and/or USB audio stick starts when resuming from standby/hibernation
    * Satellite Radio does not resume after hibernation
    * Main Title does not update when listening to SatRadio
    * Buffer play/pause out of sync with play/pause button
    * "MP3" sub-title not displaying
    * Playlist last played song not reloading
    * SSL sites work in Centrafuse browser
    * COM ports not showing up in settings
    * Web Browser Loading displays when browser is not visible
    * Audio doesn't resume after deleting mail
    * Gestures should be adjusted or disabled in the mixer
    * Text emails are not displayed properly

    David and the Flux team!
    01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 Installed
    M10000/512Mb/20GB, Lilliput 7", Holux GM-210